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GSIF maintains $1 million in assets under management

The Gator Student Investment Fund has increased annual distributions from previous years and maintained over $1 million in AUM. 

GSIF is a student-managed investment fund that gives members a realistic asset management experience. As of April 2023, the current value of the fund holdings sat at $1,108,100. 

The fund also gives annual donations to the Warrington College of Business and the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program, which assists historically low-income, first-generation college students in meeting their college costs.

In early 2023, GSIF distributed $34,000 to the Machen Florida Opportunities Scholars Program and $11,300 to Warrington, both increases from the previous year.

In addition to distribution growth, students in GSIF benefit from increasing their knowledge of, and experience, with asset management. GSIF senior leaders Marek Hornak (MSF ‘23), Noah Lewis (MSF ‘23), Grant Stanish (MSF ‘23) and Kevin Tyler (MSF ‘23) noted that their time in GSIF  will benefit them greatly as they embark on their respective career journeys.  

“GSIF teaches a number of things to its members, from technical skills to professional soft skills,” said Hornak. “But what I think was most important for me was working in a meritocratic environment, where hard work was rewarded every time. This taught me that going above and beyond would be appreciated and that it’s not always about being the smartest person in the room, but about being the most driven.” 

Having been active for over a decade, GSIF continues to prepare finance students for success in their future career fields. The fund embraces first year students, giving learning opportunities for both new and experienced members alike. 

“One of the best parts was being able to bring on freshmen and sophomores who are very passionate about investing and seeing them develop personally and professionally as you run training sessions,” said Lewis. “GSIF will always be the ultimate part of my college experience, and beyond UF, GSIF has given myself, and all its members, a technical edge that will allow us to hit our careers and be instantly prepared to succeed.”