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Goldman Sachs did not misprice Snowflake’s Buffett-backed IPO

“It is wrong to assume the cloud computing company was hoodwinked by Wall Street just because of its share price pop,” writes Tom Braithwaite of the Financial Times. IPO insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter help inform Braithwaite’s story. Read more from the Financial Times (subscription required). 

Tech IPOs leave no doubt—It’s now growth at any cost

Last week’s IPO for Snowflake, a cloud data software company, sheds light on the current state of tech investing. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter comments on Snowflake’s IPO and just how much money it left on the table. See what he had to say in this story from Barron’s (subscription required).  

By this measure, Snowflake’s IPO wasn’t such a success after all

With Snowflake’s IPO on September 16, it is the priciest newly-listed company, valued at $70 billion. It also is the second-most underpriced IPO in history measured by dollars “left on the table,” and the record-holder, by a wide margin, for a newcomer of its slender size. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter shares his thoughts on Snowflake’s IPO in this story from Fortune. 

What Snowflake and JFrog are telling us about the IPO market now vs. 1999

With the IPO market performing similarly to the top of the internet bubble in 1999, do we need to be concerned about another potential crash? Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter discusses the possibility in this story from Market Watch. 

IPO like it’s 1999: Market hitting dot-com-boom levels as Snowflake and other cloud-software stocks keep popping

First-day returns for market debuts are at their highest level since the bubble, Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter says in this story from Market Watch, and that data doesn’t include Snowflake and the rest of this week’s big software debuts. 

Closed-end funds are trying to make a comeback

Closed-end funds, in vogue in the 1980s, are getting a second chance. While research from Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter highlights that closed-end funds underperform other funds by a wide margin in their first year, he explains how he thinks these funds can be useful as sources of high-yield income in this story from The Wall Street Journal. 

‘What’d You Miss?’ tackles the popularity of SPACs

Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter joins Caroline Hyde, Joe Weisenthal & Romaine Bostick on ‘What’d You Miss?’, which bring the news and analysis you may have missed after the closing bell on Wall Street. Ritter shares his insights on SPACs in this show from Bloomberg. 

Warrington Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department named in honor of retired professor Eugene F. Brigham

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida Warrington College of Business proudly announces the naming of its Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department in recognition of Eugene F. Brigham for his extraordinary philanthropy and lifetime of professional achievement in the world of finance education. With approval from the UF Board of Trustees, the department is now officially the Eugene F. Brigham Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate Department. Brigham, who began his career at the University of Florida as a finance

What flurry of filings to go public means for the market

Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair & IPO Expert Jay Ritter joins Yahoo Finance’s Akiko Fujita to discuss the latest IPO outlook as more companies prepare to go public. See what Ritter had to say in this story from Yahoo Finance. 

Palantir files for NYSE direct listing

Palantir Technologies Inc., the data-mining company backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, broke years of suspense by filing to go public through a direct listing. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair Jay Ritter discusses the IPO landscape for technology companies. See what Ritter thinks of Palantir’s announcement and more on Bloomberg Technology.