Kirbie McCullough

How this psychology major is benefitting from a Master of Science in Management

Kirbie McCullough is a current Master of Science in Management (MSM) student graduating in the spring of 2020. She joined the combined MSM program with an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology. Kirbie has a summer internship with Johnson & Johnson and is looking forward to it as she graduates. We spoke with her about how the MSM program has benefitted her education and how it helped her land an internship with Johnson & Johnson.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

McCullough: “I am from Miami, Florida and got my undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology. I had two siblings come to UF before me, so this campus already felt like a home away from home before I even went here!”

Q: Why did you choose to do the MSM program?

McCullough: “I chose the MSM program because I was always interested in the psychology of business. I wanted to put my understanding of people and behavior that I gained in undergrad into practice by gaining a deeper understanding of business and the workplace – MSM was the perfect mix.”

Q: How has the MSM program helped you?

McCullough: “The MSM program not only gave me the academic understanding of management through its courses, but it also gave me the skills and resources to excel as a candidate for a variety of job opportunities. This program gave me the preparation and career readiness that I lacked all of undergrad, and I am certain it is the primary reason I got this offer [for an internship with Johnson & Johnson].” 

Q: Can you tell us about the internship and how you got it?

McCullough: “I was offered an internship with Johnson & Johnson in their Human Resources Leadership Development Program. I was able to attend a coffee chat and info session, both put on by the Business Career Services in Warrington, which gave me the foundational understanding to do my own research and prepare for the on-campus interview. I also attended Career Showcase and had the chance to connect with the recruiters again before my second interview.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

McCullough: “I hope to move forward with J&J and receive a full-time offer at the conclusion of the internship (fingers crossed). I plan to continue pursuing work in the realm of talent management and human resources. Hopefully, one day moving up to a role as a talent management director in the future.”

Q: What would you say to our current MSM students, especially psychology majors?

McCullough: “I would advise current MSMs to step out of their comfort zones with their job search. I had very little experience before starting this program, and I had never even been to Career Showcase before this year. The business school offers so many resources to prepare us to be the best candidates we can be, we just have to utilize them and take risks in what we do. I would advise undergrads to do the same, but I would also encourage them to avoid comparing themselves to their peers while searching for their next step. Everyone moves at their own pace and we should honor our respective journeys as uniquely our own.

For psychology majors, I would recommend that they take a look at all their options. Psychology is such a diverse and interdisciplinary field, and the skills we learn in class are applicable to so many different areas outside the typical psychological realm.”

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