Busy schedule MBA

How UF MBA fit into my busy schedule

Enrolling in an MBA program can challenge your schedule. Whether you have a family, a job or other pressing commitments that have you nervous about enrolling in an MBA program, UF MBA offers a program format that will fit your busy schedule.

Learn more about how these UF MBA students benefitted from the flexibility offered by our program formats.

Saffiyah “Saffy” Johnson, LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Clinical Network Manager, New Directions Behavioral Health 

UF MBA’s Professional program allowed Saffy Johnson to pursue her MBA while maintaining her full-time job, traveling, volunteering, and supporting her friends and family.

In her current role as a Clinical Network Manager, Ms. Johnson travels around the state of Florida to inpatient behavioral health and substance abuse facilities. She also lives two hours from most of her family members, so when her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, it was important that Johnson be present at her mother’s appointments and help manage her care. The program format’s flexibility allowed her to make that happen.

Her busy schedule would have made it difficult to enroll in an on-campus program, but the UF MBA Professional program’s flexibility meant she had another option.

“Without the flexibility of this program, I would not be able to do all that is needed of me,” Ms. Johnson said.

Ms. Johnson has still been able to build a network with her classmates because of a strong bond in her cohort. Though they only see each other once a month during their campus visits, they often stay in contact about the program, their jobs and their industries. As Ms. Johnson travels the state, she will often meet up with members of her cohort in their hometown.

“Because we see each other every month we have the ability to network and bond in and out of the classroom,” Ms. Johnson said. “I think of my cohort as my colleagues now, even though they are in different industries.”


Lead Chief of Staff, AT&T

The UF MBA Online program allowed Matt Swalley to excel while managing a time in his life that was full of change.

Swalley’s daughter was born before a term when he was scheduled to take three classes. He also moved into a new role at AT&T during the program. With time demands on him at home and at work, Swalley saw firsthand how flexible the UF MBA Online program can be. He dedicated what was left of his time to some of his favorite classes that enhanced his knowledge and skillset, helping him directly apply them to his job.

“Those couple of months were tough, and I would not have been able to spend enough time with my family without UF MBA’s flexibility,” Swalley said.

Swalley was hired as Chief of Staff at AT&T three months after he enrolled in the UF MBA Online program. He came into the role with minimal global business knowledge, but his classes provided him with immediate ROI as he learned about global strategy. 

“All classes have helped enhance my knowledge base in my current and future jobs and give a better big picture understanding of AT&T and other global multinational corporations,” Swalley said. “I also uncovered new passions in finance and global economics.”


​Senior Project Professional, DXC Technology

The UF MBA Executive program provided Windi Glogowski the flexibility to deal with tragedy, travel the world and prioritize her family.

Knowing her class schedule in advance let Glogowski live life like normal while pursuing her MBA. It meant she could travel to Ireland to help her son get settled in graduate school. In fact, being able to finalize a paper from the hotel allowed her to participate in a lifelong memory that wasn’t derailed because of her MBA.  Additionally, with the Executive program requiring only one visit to Gainesville per month, she’s able to regularly have dinner with family or catch a movie with friends.  

When a friend passed away at the beginning of Term 3, professors allowed her to miss classes one Sunday so she could attend the service. She was also comforted by the condolences offered by each of her professors.

“The program has allowed me to balance classes with a demanding job that sends me to Washington, D.C. every four-to-six weeks,” Glogowski said. “While the program is challenging, the once-a-month classes have provided the flexibility I need to spend time with family and friends. This way, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on life while focusing on school and work.”