Is an MBA worth it?

There are many reasons that people pursue an MBA, but as prospective students are doing their research, most of it comes back to one question – is getting my MBA really worth it?

MBA students make sacrifices in some areas of their lives to earn the degree, but what about the benefits? Here are some reasons an MBA is worth it.

Increase your job prospects

No matter where you are in your professional journey, an MBA can help you reach that next goal. Are you trying to earn a promotion? There’s no better way than to strengthen your skills and knowledge through an MBA program. Are you trying to find a new job in a different company, maybe even a new industry? An MBA program can help you strengthen or develop new skills that make you a standout candidate.

Improve your pay

Do you feel like you’re underpaid in your current job? The best way to fix it is by making yourself more valuable to a company – whether it’s your current company or a new one. An MBA program can strengthen your background and help you build new skills to help you stand out while working on that new project or developing your company’s next big idea. There’s no better way to see your income improve than by making yourself more valuable.

Strengthen your network

Your professional network is an important part of your career. If you’re looking for a new job, that foot in the door at another company could be exactly what you need to secure an interview or even a job offer. But your network is about much more than just getting a job. They can help you work through challenging situations at work and offer their own experiences in similar situation.

MBA programs give you an ideal way to build a network. You’re surrounded with likeminded peers who you’ll get to know throughout the program. There’s no better way to strengthen your network.

Better your knowledge

Let’s be honest – an academic refresh is never a bad thing. An MBA program gives you a rundown of the business principles you might have forgotten since your previous days in school, or for some people, the program can be their first introduction to the formal business principles learned in a business program. It’s the perfect learning experience for professionals with or without a business background.

Gain hands-on experience

Many MBA programs offer opportunities to gain real world experience. Whether it’s participating in an internship or working to solve case-based problems in class, you’ll gain hands-on experience that will only help you in your current or future career. There are also many student groups that you can join to meet people with the same interests as you.

No matter your goal, we can help

If you’re aiming for a promotion with your current company, a new job with another company or to switch industries, the highly ranked UF MBA program is here to help. With nine program formats to fit your desired level of flexibility and the No. 2 ROI according to U.S. News & World Report, we are here to make sure you’re equipped for the next step of your professional journey. Request information today!