Leia Wojciechowski wearing a cap and gown in front of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Member of first Online MIB class shares her insights and experiences in the program

Last fall, the Master of International Business (MIB) program launched its online degree option. The first group of students from the Online MIB program graduated this summer. Leia Wojciechowski is one such student. Wojciechowski now works at EY in Assurance. She shared her online experiences with us in this story.

Leia Wojciechowski and her husband pose for a wedding portrait. He wears a Scottish kilt and she wears a white wedding dress.

Q: Please tell us about your background and what led you to do the Online MIB program.

Wojciechowski: “I completed my undergrad in accounting at the Fisher School of Accounting and was looking for a business master’s program at the University of Florida that was available online since I was moving out of state and starting a full-time job.”  

Q: Along with the Online MIB, what else were you doing? Why was the Online MIB program a good fit for you?

Wojciechowski: “I have been working at a public accounting firm while completing my master’s. The MIB program offered an interesting curriculum that has been flexible to a full-time working schedule, allowing me to continue my education while working full time in San Diego, California.”

Q: What is your best experience in the Online MIB program?

Wojciechowski: “The best experience I had in the MIB program was the online GIE option. I learned a lot about China during that course.”

Q: What is one thing you wish you had known at the beginning of the program?

Wojciechowski: “I wish I had known earlier that you can do the combination degree option online while at UF for undergrad. I was lucky enough to work with an advisor to make that happen during my undergraduate program, but it is an option I have found many students didn’t know about.”

Leia Wojciechowski wears a mask while holding a puppy. Q: Any advice for other students thinking of doing the Online MIB program?

Wojciechowski: “The MIB program was very flexible and all the professors were very accommodating to students’ work-life balance. That being said be sure to schedule your time wisely because semesters fly by!”

Q: Tell us three fun facts about you.

Wojciechowski: “1. I graduated with my undergrad on 12/12/19, got married 12/22/19, moved to California 12/29/19 and started a full-time job on 1/2/20! 2. My husband and I just got a husky lab puppy who we named Stella. 3. I have hiked the West Highland Way (a stretch of 96 miles) in my home country, Scotland.”

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