Five icons representing strategy, leadership, data analytics, international business and entrepreneurship over a photo of UF MBA students in a classroom. Below are GMAC and UF MBA logos

These are the ‘must-have’ subjects, according to MBA students. UF MBA has courses in each.

When enrolling in an MBA program, students have different goals when it comes to what they want to get out of the program. Some want to get a new job, others want to get a promotion and some want to change industries entirely.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) recently surveyed prospective students about what they want most out of an MBA program. In that survey, GMAC asked what subjects are a “must-have” for Full-Time students in their curriculum. According to the survey, the top subjects Full-Time MBA candidates are excited by are:

  1. Strategy – 69 percent
  2. Leadership/change management – 59 percent
  3. Data analytics – 57 percent
  4. International business/management – 55 percent
  5. Entrepreneurship/innovation – 54 percent

If subjects like these interest you, UF MBA offers a number of courses in each. Check out some of the classes UF MBA offers in strategy, leadership, data analytics, international business and entrepreneurship below!

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At UF MBA, we know that many students value strategy, so much so that we even offer a concentration in the subject, in addition to the following classes:

  • Measuring and Managing Value – FIN6427
  • Game Theory Applied Business Decisions – ECO6409
  • Controllership – ACG6385
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – FIN6496

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  • Organizational Staffing – MAN6366
  • Art & Science of Negotiation – MAN6447
  • Leading Teams – MAN6930
  • Professional Writing – GEB5212
  • Professional Communication – GEB5215

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Data analytics

  • Advanced Business Systems Design/Development I – ISM6128
  • Production Management Problems – MAN6511
  • Managerial Quantitative Analysis – QMB6755
  • Electronic Commerce & Logistics – ISM 6485

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International business

  • International Finance – FIN6638
  • International Marketing – MAR6157
  • International Business Law – BUL6852

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  • Venture Finance – ENT6416
  • Business Plan Lab – ENT6930
  • Organizational Behavior – MAN5246

Want to learn more about the classes you can take as a UF MBA student? Request information about the UF MBA program today.