UF MBA students network prior to an event with former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey, U.S. Army, Retired. The military friendly top 10 ranking logo is in the corner of the photo of the students.
In the fall of 2018, UF MBA students had the exclusive opportunity to listen to leadership advice from former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin E. Dempsey, U.S. Army, Retired. The event was presented in collaboration with the UF MBA Veterans Association.

UF MBA named in the top 10 of military friendly schools

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – UF MBA at the Warrington College of Business was named the No. 6 program on Military Friendly’s Schools Top 10 ranking. It is the No. 2 MBA program on the list, following the University of Minnesota.

UF MBA exceeded each of Military Friendly’s benchmark standards across its six categories, including Academic Policies and Compliance, Admissions and Orientation, Culture and Commitment, Financial Aid and Assistance, Graduation and Career, and Military Student Support and Retention. UF MBA exceeded each category benchmark by more than 50 percent in four of the six categories.

  • Academic Policies and Compliance – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 69 percent
    • Complies with government laws and regulations
    • Develops and offers military-friendly policies and academic credibility
    • Understands military structure, culture, occupations and training
    • Trains employees to understand and support military staff and students
  • Admissions and Orientation – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 45 percent
    • Provides academic credit for military service
    • Sources and recruits military students
    • Creates marketing and branding for military students
    • Provides orientation and assimilation activities for military students
  • Culture and Commitment – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 87 percent
    • Creates a culture of collaboration, service and philanthropy
    • Benchmarks best practices and has established program goals
    • Identifies and nurtures military-friendly partnerships
    • Accommodates disabled military students
  • Financial Aid and Assistance – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 5 percent
    • Understands financial aid benefits for military students
  • Graduation and Career – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 52 percent
    • Achieves retention and graduation goals for military students
    • Improves career outcomes for military student graduates
    • Measures and evaluates program success
  • Military Student Support and Retention – exceeded Military Friendly’s standard by 53 percent
    • Creates academic programs and services for military students
    • Retains, supports and develops military students

Military Friendly’s Schools survey is the longest-running, most comprehensive review of college and university investments in serving military and veteran students. The 2019-2020 Military Friendly Schools list is more exclusive than ever, and covers institutions offering certificate programs to doctoral degrees.

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