Sean Limon in class

Why you should consider the UF MBA Executive program

The UF MBA Executive program is specifically designed for high-ranking business leaders. Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Here’s what you need to know about your decision and why the UF MBA Executive program could be an ideal fit for you.

Learn with industry peers

When you meet your cohort for the first time, you’ll immediately be impressed by the depth of executive leadership across industries. You’ll learning through management-focused curriculum while setting next to and working alongside professionals with titles like Vice President, Senior Director and even CEO.

With an average of 13 years of work experience and 40 students per cohort in the Executive MBA program, you’re guaranteed to gain new perspectives from other industries. The classes are also loaded with executive-level course content, providing immediate ROI opportunities. As you learn in the program, you’ll gain information that’s instantly transferable to your job. You also have the opportunity to participate in a Global Immersion Experience (GIE), a week-long trip to an international location where students meet with multiple global businesses.

You will still have time in your job and with your family

Many professionals ignore the thought of going back to school because of the time constraints. Whether it’s keeping up to date with your job, spending time with your family or staying involved in your hobbies, an Executive MBA at the Warrington College of Business makes it possible for you to stay connected with all of them.

The UF MBA Executive program takes 21 months to complete and requires only four campus visits per term. With so little of your monthly schedule being interrupted, you’ll be able to continue your normal life without being impeded.

You could return to work with a promotion

The most obvious benefit of an Executive MBA program is that it makes graduates more competitive in professional growth opportunities. Whether that’s moving up at your current company or being better prepared for external roles that could come available, having an MBA makes you stand out.

It also makes it more likely for you to move up. According to the Executive MBA Council’s 2019 Student Exit Survey, 40% of survey respondents received a promotion during the program and 53% reported increased responsibilities in their role.

Your salary could go up

Just as your Executive MBA makes you more competitive with the job search and promotions, it can also help you make more money. The Executive MBA Council’s 2017 Student Exit Survey showed that 13.5% of graduates received an increase in compensation after program completion.

There are many reasons for an Executive MBA, but at its simplest form, graduating can give you an opportunity to ascend the corporate ladder and make more money.

Your EMBA might be free

While you’re considering the amount of extra income an MBA could give you, it’s also important to recognize that you might not have to pay for it to happen. Many companies are now paying some or all of the money necessary for employees to receive an Executive MBA. According to The Executive MBA Council’s 2019 Student Exit Survey, employers sponsored 31.8% and fully funded 15.4% of students pursuing an Executive MBA in 2019. It’s an important idea to consider and look into if you’re deciding whether an Executive MBA is the right decision for you.

The Warrington College of Business offers a highly ranked Executive MBA program that provides immediate ROI while learning from peers in multiple industries. Request information about the Executive MBA program today.