Bird's eye view of a group of students standing in their graduation regalia. University of Florida MBA Warrington College of Business logo on top of the photo.

US News: University of Florida MBA offers fourth best ROI in the nation

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In line with the University of Florida’s excellence among the top 5 public universities in the nation, the University of Florida’s MBA program has been named among the top 5 for return on investment for graduates earning $100,000-plus in a ranking from U.S. News and World Report.

With a salary-to-debt ratio of 4.9-to-1, the UF MBA Full-Time program is the fourth best in the nation for return on investment. In 2022, UF MBA reported graduates earning an average salary and signing bonus within three months of graduation of $135,232 while their average debt was $27,376.

In comparison to similarly ranked schools on U.S. News’ list of the 2023-2024 Best Business Schools, UF MBA’s average debt is distinctly lower.

Overall, the UF MBA program is ranked the No. 40 business program (No. 17 among publics) in the nation by U.S. News. With this ranking, it is the third best ranked full-time MBA program among national programs with strong ROIs, just behind the University of Georgia and Arizona State University.

In addition to U.S. News, Financial Times has noted the exceptional value of an MBA from the University of Florida. In 2023, Financial Times named UF MBA the No. 2 program in the world for value for money, based on alumni salary, course length, tuition, other costs and lost income during the MBA. The UF MBA program was also ranked the No. 1 program in the nation for career services by Financial Times.

Before pursuing her MBA, Denise Williams (BS ’19, MBA ’23) was working in the banking industry and felt like she had hit a wall in her professional development.

“I knew I wanted to serve my organization in a human resources capacity, but after interviewing multiple times for role openings and not being selected, I realized that I needed to grow my knowledge to be more of an asset to any organization,” she said. “This is what motivated me to apply to the UF MBA program, and nothing could have prepared me for the countless doors of opportunity this opened.”

Within months of starting the program, Williams found herself with a dream role as a Human Resources Business Partner at Proctor & Gamble and the undeniable feeling that she had made the right decision to invest in herself with an MBA from the University of Florida.

“The investment is less than most universities will require for such a prestigious program – in fact, it was so manageable that I didn’t need to apply for any student loans,” she said. “At first, the return on this investment came in the form of professional development, diverse connections and career opportunities. Then, throughout the internship and starting the full-time role, the return on investment came in the form we all are most familiar with: money – and multiple times the amount I made prior to the MBA program.

“Now, I’m debt-free and earning more than I could have imagined at this point in my life, all because I chose the UF MBA program.”

If you’re interested in maximizing the return on your investment in a graduate business degree, request information about the University of Florida MBA program today.