UF MBA Weekend Professional Class of 2022 students Everett Kennedy, Darline Stinfil and Jason Roegner.
UF MBA Weekend Professional Class of 2022 students Everett Kennedy, Darline Stinfil and Jason Roegner.

5 application tips from current UF MBA Weekend Professional students

Looking for some insider help on your MBA application? Current students in the UF MBA Weekend Professional program share their top tried-and-true tips on the application process. Check out their suggestions before submitting your application!

1. Be yourself

  • “This may sound cliché, but my best advice for how to get accepted into the UF MBA Program is to be your authentic self. Particularly when you’re writing to convey your personal and professional experiences it’s easier to describe those experiences when you’re expressing yourself authentically.” – Darline Stinfil | Senior Compliance Officer | JPMorgan Chase | Undergraduate institution: University of Florida

2. Connect with admissions staff

  • “The best advice I can give is for candidates to get connected with the school. Whether it’s networking with current students and recent alumni or staying in touch with the admissions department, the connections you make and interest you show in the program can only help your chances of being accepted.” – Patrick Murray | S. Events Manager | OMEGA Watches, Swatch Group U.S. | Undergraduate institution: Wake Forest University
  • “Attend info sessions and [have] strong letters of recommendations.” – Russell Williams | Director of Recruiting | Power Design Inc. | Undergraduate institution: University of South Florida

3. Think critically about your application

  • “Take your time to see which program type is right for you e.g., full time, online, or weekend professional. Contact the admissions staff; they are very helpful and will go out of their way to help you make an informed decision. Also, make sure you spend the right amount of time on your essays. The essays can make the difference to a ‘yes’ decision.” – Giancarlo Ricard | Associate Attorney | Debski & Associates, P.A. | Undergraduate institution: Florida State University

4. Highlight your skills and participation

  • “Make sure you build your professional career portfolio. It has significant weight.” – Khaled Elrodsely | Senior Engineer | Collins Aerospace | Undergraduate institution: Ain Shams University
  • “Have a solid foundation from your undergraduate career. Also make sure you are progressing at a solid rate with your employer so that you have quality work experience under your belt.” – Everett Kennedy | Senior Supervisor, Network Planning Engineer | L3Harris Technologies | Undergraduate institution: Purdue University

5. Be focused, organized and honest

  • “Have a strong focus of what you’re looking to accomplish within the essay portion of the application.” – Sebastian Vergara | Business Development Representative | ai | Undergraduate institution: University of Central Florida
  • “Share your story and be able to express how UF fits into it.” – Jason Roegner | Consumer Investments Team Manager | Merrill | Undergraduate institution: Carthage College
  • “Be honest on your application and if you really want to be in this program and meet most of the standards set forth, you’ll get in.” – William Lee | VP of Capital Markets | CommonGood Capital | Undergraduate institution: University of Florida

Here’s another tip from the UF MBA admissions team. To make the application process easier, you can now upload your resume and have letters of recommendation submitted directly through the UF Graduate School Application.

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