View of Bryan Hall covered in ivy

9 tips for students in online classes

This is a unique time for everyone. Amidst global health concerns, Warrington and University of Florida students are taking online classes exclusively after being encouraged to return to their hometown.

But how can students who are new to online learning succeed in their classes? We asked Warrington students and alumni for advice. Here is what you can do to make sure you still experience a transformational education while taking online classes:

  • “Try to have a designated place in your home that you go to when it’s time to watch a class, study, take tests, etc. This will help you focus and be more productive.” -Rob Holland, (BSBA ’90). Director at HMS Valuation Partners
  • “​Write down all your assignments of the week corresponding with the day!” -Rani Jivani, (BSBA Finance, 2023).
  • “Still wake up at a decent time in the morning and try to maintain a ‘regular’ schedule.” -Ashley Kelly, (BSBA Finance, 2022).
  • “Work from a table or desk to stimulate an actual classroom to avoid losing focus!” -Graham McPhail, (BSBA Marketing, 2019).
  • “Put your phone away and out of sight! Focus just on the class.” -Anna Potts, (BSBA – Finance, MIB, 2019).
  • “Use any spare time you have to get ahead on work! You’ll thank yourself later.” -Erin Reavey, (BSBA ’19, MIB ’20). Payroll Intern at BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC.
  • “Make sure to keep focus and don’t procrastinate because it piles up easily.” -Evelyn Sason (BSBA ’19). Junior Estimator at Fresenius Medical Care North America.
  • “Read the textbook before lectures! This makes it easier to follow along.” -Russell Vaz, (BSBA ’23).
  • “Shower & get dressed! Staying in pajamas will make you feel sluggish.” -Stephany Zapata, (MSE ’19).