Three students pose for a photo with a large trophy and certificate for winning at DataFest.

A whirlwind of big data: Recapping DataFest 2024

Graduate and undergraduate students from Warrington came together with students from across UF in a celebration of data, working around the clock to solve problems, brainstorm solutions and creatively present findings to impress a panel of judges at the 2024 American Statistical Association DataFest hosted by the department of biostatistics at the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions and the department of statistics at the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

“As my graduation looms on the horizon, DataFest stands out as a pivotal experience in my academic career,” said Zirui Cao, a second-year Master of Information Systems and Operations Management student and a member of team Analysis Aces. “The spirit of DataFest — the laughter, the shared moments of discovery, and the camaraderie — leaves a lasting impression. I hope to see DataFest continue to thrive and inspire future participants just as it has inspired us.”

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