Thomas Driscoll

How the Master of Science in Management prepared this student for a career with Walmart eCommerce

Thomas Driscoll is completing his Master of Science in Management (MSM) this summer. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida State University. Thanks to his time in the MSM program, Thomas is now working with Walmart eCommerce as an area manager. Read on to see how the MSM program prepared Thomas for his career and more.

Thomas Driscoll preparing a boat to sail

Tell us about your background.  

Driscoll: “I have a Bachelor of Science in political science, with a minor in religion and a focus on nonprofit administration. I am from Zephyrhills, Florida (yes, where the water is from).”

Why did you join the MSM program? 
Driscoll: “I initially planned on going into public policy, but after several internships in the statehouse, I became disillusioned with the process and saw that politics came before policy too frequently. I then accepted a position with a national nonprofit that sadly declared bankruptcy before I started. I felt unprepared to start a career in the for-profit sector and saw that the Master of Science of Management would be perfect for gaining the hard skills I needed to succeed quickly. I spoke with a personal mentor, Michael Todd, an alum of the program, and he sold me on the MSM.”

What did you enjoy the most in the MSM program? 
Driscoll: “I enjoyed befriending and interacting with others in my cohort as we navigated grad school in a pandemic. Two of my closet MSM friends completed their undergrad at UF and helped me experience Gainesville.”

What is your advice to current undergraduate students who are thinking of doing MSM program? 
Driscoll: “If you are looking to get a fast start in the business world, the MSM is a great foundation. Bright Futures recipients can receive partial awards for their first semester in the program, which helps lower the cost of the already comparatively low price of the program for in-state students. Business Career Services and the CAP program were essential in preparing me for my career search and applying my past experiences to a for-profit company.”

Thomas Driscoll poses for a photo with a puppy while tabling at an event at FSU.

What internships and other activities did you participate in as an undergraduate student? 

Driscoll: “During my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to be employed by the Republican Party of Florida and interact with our elected official at the highest levels, including touring the Panhandle with then-Governor Scott shortly before he announced he was running for Senate. After the 2018 election cycle, I interned with a State Representative for the 2019 session. 

I was heavily involved with Student Government at FSU, serving on the Union Board, Senior Class Treasurer and lead the majority party’s operations. I received the Senate Award of Excellence for my service to the campus community. 

I was the FSU Student Foundation Vice-Chair of Finance, which instilled a sense of philanthropy in the student body.”

What are you doing after graduation? 

Driscoll: “I started as an Area Manager with Walmart eCommerce in May while still completing the last three courses in the program. I directly oversee 250 associates in a 1.9 million square foot facility in Atlanta. We process on average 70,000 units on our shift daily. So, if you order anything from, it’ll likely come from me.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from today? 

Driscoll: “Walmart is such an excellent company to work for that I plan on staying with the company for my career. eCommerce is rapidly expanding, and Walmart plans to open new locations across the country; I hope to help open a new fulfillment center as an operations manager within the next 5 years.” 

Thomas Driscoll talking with Rick Scott

Tell us 3 cool things about you. 

Driscoll: “While volunteering for the Boy Scouts of America, I was sent to Puerto Rico, Michigan, Indiana, California, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Mississippi, West Virginia, Texas, Illinois and Washington, D.C.

I was a graduate senator in the UF senate, being one of few students who have been in Student Government at two of the state’s preeminent universities. 

I was a substitute teacher for Alachua County School District while attending UF. I highly recommend it to any grad students seeking part-time employment as it is work when you want and very adaptable to classes, interviews and exams. Managing a new set of students daily and executing established programs is also a great talking point in any interview.”