Five students pose for a photo inside the lobby of a building
Nicholas Leininger (far left) and Siming Li (second from right) on the Global Immersion Experience in Berlin, Germany.

Master of Science in Management students experience business in Germany on Global Immersion Experience

Students from the Master of International Business (MIB) and Master of Science in Management (MSM) programs traveled to Berlin, Germany on a Global Immersion Experience the second week of October. While the GIE is not mandatory for the MSM program, students Siming Li and Nicholas Leininger decided to enjoy a trip abroad and shared their experiences with us.

Siming Li is an international student from China with an undergraduate degree in English. She will complete her Master of Science in Management in 2020. 

Nicholas Leininger earned his undergraduate degree in international studies from UF in 2019 and will complete his Master of Science in Management in 2020.  

Q: What brought you to the Master of Science in Management program?

Li: “The MSM program is a perfect program for students like me who don’t have a business background but would like to learn things in the business area. The program is within one year with a tight curriculum but of high quality, and I like the courses here. The MSM program provides different kinds of courses like accounting, economics, law and even writing and communication. All these courses are essential for helping build a successful business career. Plus, I was born in northeastern China, which has distinctly different weather from Florida. It seemed really fun to experience a new living environment.”

Leininger: “I decided to join the MSM program to add important business knowledge to my skillset, especially if I wanted to pursue a career with a global company like Adidas.”

Q: The Global Immersion Experience is not required for Master of Science in Management students, but you did it anyway. Can you share why?

Li: “It can be counted as an elective for MSM, and I also got the chance to travel to Europe. But the most important reason is that, perhaps, the trip to Berlin was the last chance for me to travel with friends and classmates as a student. Also, the GIE program included some presentations from professionals and provided some business visits in Berlin, which I could not ever experience if I traveled to Berlin by myself.”

Leininger: “I felt the Global Immersion Experience would be a great opportunity to network with businessmen and women from around the world. Also, the chance to see new sights and immerse myself in a new culture.”

Q: How did you decide where you wanted to go as part of the Global Immersion Experience?

Li: “I made my final decision to go on the GIE program at the very last moment. I am from China so [I’m familiar with] business conditions there. On the contrary, I had never been to Europe and know almost nothing about the culture, so I decided to go to Berlin!”

Leininger: “There were different options for the GIE trip – Europe, South America and Asia. I decided on the Germany GIE because I look forward to working in Germany in the future. With an undergraduate degree in International Studies, with a focus on Europe, this was something I really wanted to do.”

Q: How was your Global Immersion Experience trip?

Li: “It was fantastic. I not only learned some lessons, such as having courage to try new ideas from the business presentations, but also was attracted by the beautiful scenery of fallen leaves in Berlin in October. The city is beautiful and so attractive in autumn. I would like to travel to Berlin again sometime in the future.

“I wish I could have stayed longer in Berlin so that I could have more time to shop and look around the city. Maybe students who do the GIE program [in the future] can choose to arrive earlier in the city if time permits.”

Leininger: “The GIE was such a great experience because we saw and met with some really great German business people. Some of my favorite events were the VW factory visit and the Tillhub visit. It was also awesome to get to know the other students on the trip so well and create new friendships.”

Q: What is your advice to incoming MSM students about the Global Immersion Experience?

Li: “It is worth going on a trip through the GIE program. Just be curious about everything you experience, and you will learn a lot.”

Leininger: “For all incoming MSM students – please really consider going on this trip event if you think it is just for Master of International Business students. I went in not really knowing anyone, but everyone was in the same boat, and I made a lot of friends.”

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