Derek Nelson, Andrew Han and Gene Galke
Full-Time MBA Class of 2024 students (from left) Derek Nelson, Andrew Han and Gene Galke.

Meet the latest incoming University of Florida Full-Time MBA class

The Warrington College of Business is proud to welcome its latest class to the UF MBA Full-Time program. We invite you to meet some of the Class of 2024 and 2025 by learning more about who they are, what they do, why they chose the University of Florida and more.

Class of 2024 and 2025:

  • Class size – 34
  • Average age – 28
  • Average years of work experience – 5
  • Women – 11% / Men – 89%

Degrees from*:

  • Cornell College
  • University of Florida
  • Temple University
  • University of South Florida
  • Creighton University

Undergraduate majors*:

  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
  • Finance
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • French

* Select listing. More universities and majors represented in the full class. 

What do you hope to get out of your UF MBA experience?

  • “My goal in the One Year Full Time MBA program is to learn more about strategic management and transformative leadership. I want to return to the Coast Guard and lead it to the cutting edge of technology to better serve the American public and make daily tasks for all Coast Guardsmen more efficient.” – Steve Macomber
  • “During the program, I hope to enhance my leadership and data skills through coursework and extracurriculars. For example, I’m currently co-VP of Marketing for Gator MBA Gear. I also want to expand my network to include both current students and alumni. After the program, I hope to launch my career through a LDP. LDPs are the perfect opportunity to delve into different areas of a company. I also want to stay involved with UF and support future students.” – Andrew Han
  • “An MBA complements the tech background I have and provides the soft skills necessary to reach my full potential. I hope to become a more-rounded person and gain the knowledge necessary to help convey ideas/proposals/recommendations to future employers who may not be adept in my background/skillset.” – Derek Nelson

Why did you choose the University of Florida?

  • “Pursuing my MBA at UF was an easy choice. It is the top-rated public MBA program and is extremely supportive of military and veteran communities. To make the choice even easier, every single time I interacted with anyone on the admissions staff, they went to great lengths to assist me in any possible way. I never felt like I was treated as a number or was bothering anyone with my questions. I also love the small town feel of Gainesville, especially coming from the Washington, D.C. area.” – Steve Macomber
  • “The University of Florida is an extremely prestigious institution and offers endless opportunities to flourish and improve your professional career. In particular, the University of Florida has the goal of becoming the first AI university, where AI is implemented to some extent across all curriculums, which is very exciting and appealing considering my data science background.” – Derek Nelson
  • “I chose the University of Florida to pursue my MBA for several reasons. First, the university’s Hough Graduate School of Business has a stellar reputation, especially for its rigorous curriculum that integrates practical experience with core business fundamentals. Additionally, the program’s focus on innovation and entrepreneurship resonated with my career goals, as I seek to be at the forefront of business advancements.
    The university’s strong alumni network was another compelling factor. Knowing I could connect with successful professionals across various industries provided a sense of security regarding post-graduation opportunities. The alumni contribute to the program’s diversity and engage actively, offering mentorship and networking opportunities.
    Furthermore, the affordability and the return on investment were significant considerations. The University of Florida offers competitive tuition rates, and the MBA program is consistently ranked highly for its value for money. Graduating with a solid education without overwhelming debt was very attractive.
    Lastly, the vibrant campus life and the warm climate of Gainesville promised a pleasant student experience. Balancing a challenging academic program with an enjoyable social life was important to me, and the University of Florida offered the perfect mix.” – Zach Ben-Ghuzzi

What advice do you have for others on the admissions process?

  • “Utilize the UF MBA ambassadors with questions towards applications, school expectations, and best practices to setup yourself and your family for the best academic opportunity. Towards one-year students, use the months before you start the programs to start coffee chats and researching your preferred firms because the summer is academically demanding and career fairs start in the fall.” – Gene Galke
  • “Throughout the admissions process be sure to reach out to current students to get first-hand feedback on their experiences in the program!” – Billy Ballantine
  • “Ensuring a successful application process for Warrington requires preparation. Given Warrington’s standing as one of the world’s premier business schools, it is crucial to invest the time and effort required to tailor your application precisely to their expectations. This includes tailoring a resume that aligns specifically with their standards and responding to the essay questions with thoughtful and impactful answers. Furthermore, anticipate the interview process by thoroughly preparing for the ‘Why’ questions. Research into Warrington’s values, mission, and program offerings will equip you to provide insightful, well-informed responses during your interview with the admissions staff. Your diligence in these areas will undoubtedly enhance your prospects of gaining admission to this high-caliber institution.” – Steve Macomber