Jinwook Hur

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Jinwook Hur

Jinwook Hur is a current student in the MS Marketing program. He shares why he chose the MS Marketing program, his future plans and advice for other students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in marketing.

Jinwook Hur

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Hur: “I am originally from South Korea and moved to the United States for my education back in 2019 after finishing my military service in South Korea. For my hobbies, I really love to keep myself busy with new entrepreneur opportunities and learning how to work for myself. I really enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places in Florida and the United States. For my family, I adopted a cat 1 year ago for the animal shelter and living with him makes me feel like I have a family member here in America since my family is still in South Korea.”

Q: Why did you choose to do the MS Marketing program?

Hur: “I chose this program due to my previous bachelor’s degree in marketing. I wanted to strengthen my skills and knowledge in all things marketing, and I believed that the University of Florida was offering something amazing that not all universities are.” 

Q: What do you wish you had known before you started the program?

Hur: “This is the first time for me going through the module setting in the master’s program. I was used to semesters, but I do enjoy the fast-paced nature of the module courses and giving me a fast track to graduating.”  

Q: What did you enjoy the most in your master’s program?

Hur: “What I enjoy most about being in the master’s program was the opportunity that came to me to become an ambassador for the Warrington College of Business. I really love the connections and leadership skills I have learned throughout my experience so far. Working with my peers to create a better school is really something I enjoy doing with my time here at the University of Florida. As well as being an international student, I can provide other international students with guidance and help them with their struggles.”

Jinwook Hur sits on a picnic blanket holding his cat.

Q: What advice do you have for other undergraduate students who are planning to do the MS Marketing program?

Hur: “I would say to sharpen your time management skills because it is very important to have a good study-life balance. As well as network as much as possible, the program offers so many opportunities for you to grow in your career and meet so many great people at this school and the surrounding areas.”

Q: What activities did you take part in as an undergraduate student?

Hur: “In my undergrad I spent my time working with two organizations I created at my previous institution. Korean Cultural Club and K-pop dance club, I wanted to create these groups to spread awareness of Korean culture. I really enjoyed being on the e-board for both organizations and feel the love of Korean culture in a place very far from home.” 

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Hur: “I see myself working in a job where I can travel the world and share my knowledge of marketing to various global companies. I also see myself being an entrepreneur, creating my own business and being able to make my brand known and achieve financial freedom at a young age.”

Q: Tell us 3 cool things about you.

Hur: “I lived in India for 4 years. I went to an international high school in Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad.

“I am the marketing executive e-board member for the Korean Student Association at the University of Florida.

“I am very interested and well versed in the cosmetic and skincare industry. I hope all of you know about the Korean skincare routine. If you don’t, I will educate you on it!”