Laurie Rodriguez

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Laurie Rodriguez

Laurie Rodriguez is a current student in the MS Marketing program. She shares why she decided to further her education in marketing, what she’ll be doing with Pepsi after graduation and about the small business she shares with her sister.

Laurie Rodriguez does a Gator Chomp in front of Century Tower

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Rodriguez: “I was born in New Jersey and have been living in Tampa for the past several years. I am Dominican and Puerto Rican and an avid bachata dancer during my free time. I completed my undergraduate degree here at UF and will graduate from the MS Marketing program at the end of this summer. I love being a double Gator!”

Q: Why did you choose the MS Marketing program?

Rodriguez: “I wanted to expand my marketing skills and learn more about topics such as marketing analytics and consumer behavior. While I finished my undergraduate career in marketing, I wanted to strengthen my skills for full-time employment. I also focused on doing a combined degree to save time and money. Therefore, once UF announced the MS Marketing program, I knew it was the perfect time to apply, and I am grateful I did.”

Laurie Rodriguez poses for a photo in front of a large Puerto Rican flag

Q: What are you planning to do after graduation?

Rodriguez: “After graduation, I will be working as a Marketing Associate Analyst for PepsiCo at the New York office. I will be on the Sports Marketing team focusing on the NBA. I did a virtual PepsiCo internship Summer 2021 and look forward to meeting the team in person. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn for advice on internships and full-time employment!”

Q: Any advice for incoming MS Marketing students?

Rodriguez: “My advice is to get organized, join involvements and have fun! Time goes by fast, and you do not want to be left with regrets after graduating. Aim to try out new things as you never know what might surprise you. I found it helpful to create a UF bucket list and write down all the things I wanted to do before graduating. Some fun activities to do include Lake Wauberg’s rock climbing, the UF bat houses and the springs in Ocala. 

Laurie Rodriguez stands in front of a large Pepsi logo

Q: What do you wish you had known before you joined the program?

Rodriguez: “I wish I had more time to plan to study abroad. I had plans to go to Madrid, but the pandemic altered my timeline, and I did not have enough time left to schedule a trip. I recommend all students research study abroad programs and resources such as financial aid. The Warrington College of Business offers many services to help students accomplish their dreams of studying abroad, and the benefits of international experiences are beyond impactful.”

Q: Tell us 3 cool things about you.

Rodriguez: “I went skydiving after my freshman year at UF.

“I was the President of the Dominican Student Association last year and inducted into the 2022 UF Latinx Hall of Fame.

“My sister and I run a small business that specializes in customized sweets and empanadas in Tampa, Florida. Feel free to follow us on Instagram!”