Christine Haworth does the Gator Chomp in San Francisco.

Ready for the real world

By Christine Haworth, BSBA ’18, MSE ’19

As I prepare to graduate from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business for the second time, it’s time for me to genuinely start thinking about life after graduation. With an undergraduate degree in business and my current graduate degree studies in entrepreneurship, a career in the business field is the natural progression for me.

I chose to study entrepreneurship because whether you’re planning on starting your own business or want to be innovative in your chosen industry, the theories of entrepreneurship go hand in hand with what’s necessary to stay ahead in any career field.

Students ride on bus designed like a cable car in San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Students tour San Francisco as part of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center’s Silicon Valley Program.

This spring break, I had the opportunity to participate in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center’s Silicon Valley Program as part of my Master of Science in Entrepreneurship (MSE) degree. We toured prominent companies, spoke with experienced entrepreneurs and successful venture capitalists.

This trip gave me access to so many talented, intelligent people who have experiences that far outweigh anything I could get from simply participating in class. Having the opportunity to pitch your big idea, ask questions of these amazing people, and just absorb as much of their knowledge as possible is invaluable.

At Google, we spoke with UF alumni about their individual impact in a big company. At DFJ (investor for SpaceX, Tesla, Ring, Twitter and many more) we heard what investors look for in start-ups. We toured Omni, WeWorks, and GitHub in San Francisco, seeing firsthand the importance of building a company culture.

This trip was one of the most beneficial learning experiences from my time at UF. I was able to take away so many pieces of advice, so much knowledge of the industry and such a better grasp for what my future will hold. I feel more prepared than ever for life after college.

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