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Ready, set, real estate

Scenic Mosley (MSRE, JD ’25) and Andrew Lewis, IV (MSRE ’24) study in the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business. Both dedicated students, they dream big about how their education sets them up for a promising future.

Scenic Mosley Scenic Mosley

Scenic Mosley (MSRE, JD ’25) has found her flow.

A current student in the dual Juris Doctorate/Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program, Mosley was initially drawn to the University of Florida after receiving the John Lewis Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Pathways to Law Full Scholarship. After earning her undergraduate degree from Prairie View A&M University in Texas, she joined the program at the Warrington College of Business to be propelled toward her career goal: a real estate attorney with a specialization in commercial real estate.

“I have ambitions of working in-house for a prominent organization,” she said. “My educational journey is equipping me with the comprehensive knowledge and tools, ensuring that I am a trusted resource for my future colleagues.”

Dedicated to her studies and goal, Mosley’s hard work was recently recognized with the Bergstrom-Crossman Real Estate scholarship, an award that encourages Mosley in how she will use her degree.

“[The scholarship] empowers me in my mission to bridge the racial homeownership gap by merging my legal expertise with a broader understanding of the real estate market,” she said. “I am profoundly grateful for this scholarship and am committed to applying the knowledge I gain from the Master of Science in Real Estate program to further equity.”

In the long term, Mosley hopes to incorporate her passion for health and wellness with her work as a real estate attorney. A yoga instructor since age 19, she sees the connection between her two worlds.

“There’s synchronicity between yoga and law, with both disciplines demanding a sense of ‘flow,’” she said.

Andrew Lewis sits on a rock in front of a mountain. Andrew “Drew” Lewis, IV

Andrew Lewis, IV (MSRE ’24) sees the big picture.

After earning his undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University, Lewis chose the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program at the Warrington College of Business because it would put him on an ideal track to excel in the real estate industry, he said. And for Lewis, real estate isn’t just a promising career; real estate is a way for him to make a positive difference in the world.

“Real estate, for me, is more than just property – it’s a bridge to generational wealth, a platform for my dreams and a beacon of hope for others,” he said. “Real estate is a catalyst for community transformation. It’s not just about money.

“My focus lies in development, private equity and portfolio management, driven by a deep desire to reshape lives and neighborhoods through the power of real estate.”

Lewis’s academic determination was also recently recognized with the Bergstrom-Crossman scholarship. His hard work continues a family legacy at the University of Florida, where his grandfather earned a graduate degree in reproductive physiology and doctoral degree in animal nutrition.

“I’m not just here for personal growth; I want to inspire and empower others in my community to pursue their dreams in [real estate],” he said. “Together, we can create stronger and more vibrant communities through real estate.”

With his education, Lewis anticipates making a big impact, enhancing communities and increasing diversity in his field.

“I plan to innovate, create and initiate projects in various domains, including entrepreneurship, education, arts and sports, providing a platform for youth to grow, excel and be recognized,” he said. “I want to live a life where I am continuously evolving and striving for excellence, a life devoted to serving my community and lifting others up.”