Alex Perkins at Johnson & Johnson
Alexandrea Perkins is spending her summer in Pennsylvania with Johnson & Johnson.

See where UF MBA students are interning this summer

UF MBA students are spending their summers interning in impactful roles for companies across the country. These internships provide an opportunity to put learning into practice at some of the world’s most respected brands.

Check out where some of our UF MBA students are interning, what they hope to get out of their experience and what they’ve learned in their internships.

Josh Geller

Josh Geller is working with McKinsey in Miami.

Joshua Geller – MBA ‘23

Internship: Summer Associate | McKinsey & Company | Miami, Florida

Internship Goal: “I’m excited about working with incredible people from all over the world on the client’s hardest and most pressing challenges.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “My greatest learning experience so far has been sharpening my work-stream ownership skills. This has required me to ‘manage up,’ coordinating with senior colleagues for inputs to my deliverables.”

Alex Perkins at Johnson & Johnson

Alexandrea Perkins is spending her summer in Pennsylvania with Johnson & Johnson.

Alexandrea Perkins – MBA ‘23

Internship: Marketing Leadership Development Program Intern | Johnson & Johnson | West Chester, Pennsylvania 

Internship Goal: “I hope my internship provides me with the opportunity to be a part of a collaborative organization with access to mentorship while I develop and increase my marketing skillset and business acumen.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “One of my biggest learnings in my internship is the importance of asking the right questions to gain better insights.”

Denise Williams outside of the P&G headquarters

Denise Williams is honing her HR skills at P&G.

Denise Williams – BS ’19, MBA ‘23

Internship: Human Resources Manager Intern | Procter & Gamble | St. Louis, Missouri

Internship Goal: “I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work in person for my internship, as I know many students didn’t have that opportunity last year or the year before that. So, I hope to really understand two things: what it’s like to live and work in St. Louis, and how HR operates at P&G. There are so many ways HR can be perceived in an organization, and it really determines the kind of effect HR professionals can have on the business. While I’m learning more about these two things, I’m so excited to learn about HR in general. How do we decide the policies we have? What can we do in Workday? How can HR interact with the culture? How do we incorporate the opinions of employees in our everyday work? And I’m excited to learn more about myself: what inspires me the most, and where do I have the most room to grow?”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “Each day I learn so much that by the time I’m going home, when I imagine the beginning of the day it feels like it was a week ago. I’ve learned so much about staffing, and how it can be simultaneously managed in Workday and Excel for a dynamic location that has several hundred employees. I’ve learned that I am so passionate about recruiting, that I’ll even lose track of time thinking about it while I brush my teeth in the mornings. I’ve learned how powerful it can be to have conversations with your employees to understand what they need, because the most effective changes in an organization are the ones that are valued – not just the ones that seem edgy and innovative. I’ve also learned the power of delegating tasks, because time can run short and it’s never bad to ask for help and advice, you never know what ideas and great work will come from collaboration. I’ve also learned that P&G is truly a phenomenal company, the care that goes into our products is what makes them quality brands, and it couldn’t be done without the passion of the entire team that makes it happen.”

Mei Wu Fung at Nike

Mei Wu Fung is interning at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon.

Mei Wu Fung – MBA ‘23

Internship: Global Operations Intern | Nike | Portland, Oregon  

Internship Goal: “Out of this internship experience, I hope to get increased confidence in my career direction as well as hone my strategy and presentation skills. Having pivoted into business and a corporate environment, I hope to continue to grow and be able to find value from all situations.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “This internship has been super valuable in teaching me the power of networking – as my project has pushed me to leverage the relationships around me to form continuing connections and cultivate knowledge in that way.”

Daniel Mbeyah

Daniel Mbeyah is working with BlackRock in New York.

Daniel Mbeyah – MBA ‘23

Internship: Technology Program Manager | BlackRock | New York 

Internship Goal: “I hope to get exposure to management on a global scale. Working as a summer associate at BlackRock’s headquarters in New York not only provides the benefit of access to the firm’s senior leadership but also exposure to global initiatives led by some of the best managers in the industry who I get to work alongside.”

What I’ve learned from my internship: “I have learned the skills and importance of stakeholder engagement in Project Management. This internship has provided a platform for me to both watch and learn as my boss navigates the complexities that come with leading initiatives involving senior stakeholders as well as practice by mobilizing stakeholders at the director/managing director level towards common outcomes.”