Jazz Naglee sits in front of her home workstation. She holds a sticker that says #TeamCigna and a small Gator toy.
Jazz Naglee is completing her internship remotely with Cigna this summer.

See where Warrington graduate students are interning this summer

Students in Warrington’s graduate programs in the Hough Graduate School of Business, from UF MBA to specialized master’s programs, are spending their summers interning in impactful roles for companies across the country. Whether in-person or remote, these internships provide an opportunity to put learning into practice at some of the world’s most respected brands.

Check out where Warrington’s graduate students are interning, what they hope to get out of their experience and what they’ve learned in their internships.

Alexander Chopra takes a selfie wearing an American Express baseball hat and holds an American Express water bottle

Alexander Chopra is interning with American Express this summer.

Alexander Chopra – MBA ’22

Internship: MBA Digital Analytics Intern | American Express | Working remotely

Internship goal: “I hope to grow my leadership and networking abilities by meeting other American Express colleagues and interns through frequent coffee chats. I would also like to learn more about other departments within Amex and how each department drives the company forward. I hope to build my technical skills and data analytics knowledge.

How I’ve benefitted from my internship: “The goal of my project is to create strategies that will optimize payment risk control decisions by focusing on different payment data channels. I’ve learned new data analytics skills and how to use big data software to drive decision making. I’ve also learned how to think more strategically and lead with an external perspective.”

A photo of Domenica Santana with a Jabil logo

Domenica Santana is interning remotely with Jabil.

Domenica Santana – MS-ISOM ’22

Internship: IT Summer Intern | Jabil | Working remotely 

Internship goal: “I hope to get the technical skills and soft skills needed to help establish a successful Data Science/IT career.”

How I’ve benefitted from my internship: “Currently, I am working in the Business Intelligence (BI) Team with different BI developers to help establish training materials for PowerBi, Tableau and Data Science. I am currently focusing in creating the data science site, this site provides training materials from Microsoft, LinkedIn and Tableau to Jabil employees. I am also getting some experience with project management by auditing PowerBi and Tableau reports. Lastly, I am researching diversity and inclusion in the workplace to promote technological accessibility.”

Kyle Nguyen takes a selfie in front of Rockefeller Plaza

Kyle Nguyen is interning in New York City with Bessemer Trust.

Kyle Nguyen – BSBA ’22, MSRE ’23

Internship: Client Advisory Intern | Bessemer Trust | New York City, New York 

Internship goal: “I hope to learn time-sensitive management skills that come from working for ultra-high net worth clients who expect a certain level of service, perfection, and a sense of urgency. Being able to perform under pressure day-to-day will allow me to get accustomed to the fast pace of working within the financial industry.

My desire from interning at Bessemer Trust is to sit in and participate within a client meeting. Interactions with clients are at top of my list because I could be able to see the work put in behind the scenes be presented to the clients themselves.

My biggest goal for this internship outside of the task-at-hand is to network with the individuals across the firm whether that be in the client advisory, wealth advisory, investments, family management, corporate tax, estate planning, etc. I want to expand my connections throughout New York for potential opportunities and future working relationships. Also, I hope to get a glimpse of what living in the Big Apple would be like and if I am up for the huge move to The City that Never Sleeps.”

How I’ve benefitted from my internship: “Since the first meeting with my managers, they informed me that I would be treated as if I was a new hire to the team. During my internship with Bessemer Trust, I have been able to help our associate client advisors produce current vs target asset allocation models for clients who want to change their portfolios’ risk profiles. Also, I have worked with the wealth advisory side to create implication models or Monte Carlo simulations to emulate clients’ spending and to see whether their desired distribution requests can be sustained within the current portfolio profile.

The largest project I’ve completed was pulling a client’s ~30 sub-account holdings from a software called Atlas, exporting the information into Excel, and creating a comprehensive, user-friendly spreadsheet linking each sub-account tab to the main summary where the client can easily access and sift his holdings with a single click. This assignment, as for many at Bessemer Trust, was client-specific and had never been done before. This client request taught me that working at Bessemer Trust means becoming a critical thinker and utilizing my skills and our team’s experience and knowledge working with clients to create customized solutions for unique client situations.”

Jazz Naglee sits in front of her home workstation. She holds a sticker that says #TeamCigna and a small Gator toy.

Jazz Naglee is completing her internship remotely with Cigna this summer.

Jazz Naglee – BSBA ’14, MBA ’22

Internship: MBA Summer Associate – Marketing Leadership Development Program | Cigna | Working remotely

Internship goal: “During my internship, I hope to grow my skillset, build my network, and immerse myself in the company culture. Internships are a unique opportunity to “test drive” a role and company, especially when considering a full-time role in a multi-year leadership development program like I am.”

How I’ve benefitted from my internship: “Through my internship project, I’ve had the opportunity to expand upon and refine my skillset in conducting research, synthesizing results, summarizing key insights/takeaways, and presenting findings. I’ve also enhanced my ability to network and build relationships, as remote work challenges you to be intentional in making connections.”