Side view of Matthew Anderson swimming in a pool.

Student Spotlight: Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson is a current Master of Science in Management (MSM) student. In addition to completing his undergraduate degree at UF, he was a member of the UF Men’s Swim Team for four years, during which time he was an Olympic Trial qualifier, a three-time conference champion and named to the all-academic SEC honor roll twice. Learn more about Matthew and what makes him a standout student at the Warrington College of Business.

Matthew Anderson

Q: Tell us about yourself.  

Anderson: “My name is Matthew Anderson. I am from The Woodlands, Texas. I attended the University of Florida for undergrad and majored in anthropology while being a member of the Men’s Swim Team.”

Q: Why did you decide to join the MSM program?

Anderson: “The reason I decided to join the MSM program is that it allows me to develop critical business skills that I would not have learned through my undergraduate major. Additionally, combining my undergraduate degree in anthropology, with a master’s in management allows me to be highly versatile and ready for a wide array of career opportunities.” 

Q: Anything that you wish you knew about the MSM program before you started?

Anderson: “Looking back, if there was one thing that I wish I knew about the MSM program before I started is the fact that Warrington offers the MSM program in two different forms. First being the traditional program, which is what I am in. The traditional program means that a student starts the MSM after they complete their undergraduate degree. But it is also offered as a combined program. A combined program offers students the opportunity to enroll in academic courses that count towards your MSM degree, while completing your undergraduate studies.”

Q: What advice do you have for incoming MSM students?

Anderson: “Some advice that I have for athletes or other incoming MSM students would be try to get ahead in your work as much as possible. The MSM program moves very quickly, and it is important to not get behind.”

Matthew Anderson (center) holding an SEC Swimming trophy with his mom on his right and dad on his left.

Matthew with his mom, Michelle, and dad, Erik.

Q: Tell us about your swimming interest and what you look forward to this season.

Anderson: “With it being October, this marks the official start to the collegiate swimming season. This year things will be different, not only for the team but also for me. Since I completed my four years of eligibility, I can no longer compete at the collegiate level. Because of this, for the first time since I was ten years old, I will not be competing. Despite this fact, I look forward to watching the team attempt to win their ninth straight SEC title.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Anderson: “In the next five years, I could see myself working in an early career or leadership program for a couple of different companies before I start a role in financial services or as a business analyst.”

Q: Tell us some cool facts about yourself.

Anderson: “A couple of facts about me is that besides swimming, I really enjoy playing golf and try to play at least twice a month. Also, before I started competing at the collegiate level, I really enjoyed skiing, and I look forward to doing that again.”

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