Stevie Faulk takes a photo with a selfie stick with the mountains of Switzerland in the background.
Online MSM student Stevie Faulk in Switzerland.

Student Spotlight: Stevie Faulk

Stevie Faulk is a current student in the Online Master of Science in Management (MSM) who plans to graduate this summer. Read on to see why Stevie joined the Online MSM, her advice on applying to the program and more.

Stevie Faulk poses for a photo with two friends at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on a game day.

Q: Tell us about your background.

Faulk: “I was raised here in Gainesville and completed my bachelor’s at UF in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. After undergrad, I started working seasonally for a summer camp that was based in Gainesville during the ‘off-season’ and in Vermont during the summer. After my second summer in Vermont, I was hired as a full-time employee for the camp as the Program Director, where I worked for about 2.5 years before starting graduate school.”

Q: Why did you join the Online MSM program?

Faulk: “I started the Online MSM program for a few reasons. The flexible online setup has allowed me to work a part-time job at UF while in school, even as a full-time student. After having full-time work experience in HR and as a manager of about 100 staff, I felt I needed an MSM degree to improve what I learned through working and become a more well-rounded manager. The MSM curriculum is very broad, which I felt allowed me to investigate and possibly pursue a variety of different fields and careers.”

Q: What do you enjoy the most in the Online MSM program?

Faulk: “I have really enjoyed the 8-week module setup and the diversity in the courses. Having basic knowledge to build upon in finance, accounting, economics, and other business components has set me up to go into a job with a completely different mindset than I had previously working. I was also pleasantly surprised at how many other students I have met through the online program, even though I have not actually met most of them in person. There has been some sort of group chat through WhatsApp or GroupMe for every class I have taken, and my classmates are always willing to help, reach out, and work together virtually.”

A fish eye view of a hot air balloon with Stevie Faulk in the basket Q: What is your advice to current undergraduate students who are thinking of doing the Online MSM program?

Faulk: “Reach out to the program coordinators, directors, and other students through LinkedIn or other platforms. Asking questions and getting as much information as you can before applying and/or starting the program will help you ensure the program is a good fit and can help with choosing courses and your career search. The program coordinators are also happy to put any prospective students in touch with current students to talk more about the program, which gives you a great first-hand view of classes, professors, and different opportunities as you work through the degree.”

Q: What are some tips on how to prepare to get into the Online MSM program?

Faulk: “For those who are thinking of applying while the GRE is waived, do it! Studying and preparing for both the GMAT and the GRE was challenging, so take advantage of the waiver. I also formatted my resume for my application following the Warrington/Hough template, which was a huge help after I was admitted when we started working on resumes with Business Career Services.”

Q: What are you doing after graduation?

Faulk: “I recently (and unexpectedly) accepted another camp job that will start this summer as I finish my degree. It was not my original plan, but it was an opportunity I felt that I could not pass up. With my experience, I have found the camp world is something I am passionate about and I think having a management degree will help me excel in a new role but in a style of job with which I am already familiar.”

Q: Where do you see yourself 5 years from today?

Faulk: “Call me crazy, but a second degree has made me consider going back to school again for a Ph.D., maybe in some sort of business-related field. Academia is something I enjoy, and I was originally planning on working in higher education after finishing my MSM.”

Stevie Faulk poses for a photo with Tim Tebow when he was a student.

Q: Tell us 3 cool things about you.

Faulk: “I grew up a die-hard Gator fan here in Gainesville, so I am extremely proud of being (almost) a double Gator. I have great memories as a kid attending different Gator sporting events, meeting Tim Tebow on campus when he played, and catching a lot of foul balls at the old McKethan Stadium.

After undergrad, I took advantage of my free time (some would call it ‘unemployment’) and traveled to 11 different countries in the U.K. and Europe over the course of six weeks. Switzerland was my favorite, and I hope to go back again.

My job at camp presented a lot of wonderful opportunities. I now have friends in 30 out of the 50 states and in over a dozen different countries, which has given me a great reason to travel to new places. I also went to the summit of Mount Washington a few times on trips with campers, did a lot of traveling around New England, and got to fly in a hot air balloon three times.”