Amanda Ayoub

This Master of International Business student shares her tips on how to have a successful interview

Amanda Ayoub is a current Master of International Business (MIB) combination degree student. Amanda will graduate from the MIB program in the fall of 2020. She started the MIB program in the fall of 2019 and will be soon interning at J.P. Morgan’s Corporate Client Banking division. We spoke with Amanda about her experiences at Warrington and she shared tips for current students on how to interview well and be successful.

Q: Please tell us about yourself and your journey to Warrington.

Ayoub: “I am from Boca Raton, Florida and came to UF because it is the best school in the state of Florida, and I also received a great scholarship opportunity. I always knew I wanted to be a business major, so I entered college through the Warrington College of Business as a finance major. Outside of what I do at school, I can land a 360-degree turn off of a medium ski ramp, and I’m a big fan of cheesecake and curly fries!”

Q: Why did you choose the MIB program?

Ayoub: “I wanted a more collaborative major. I heard the MIB program really emphasized group projects and presentations, so that was my main reason. I love being a finance major, but I still wanted to study human events and how people interact, especially in a globalized society. MIB not only allows me to study international business but also interact with people from different backgrounds and understand how to combine international perspectives.”

Q: How has the MIB program helped you so far?

Ayoub: “MIB has provided me with not only classroom experience, but also great outside sources.

In class, I had multiple opportunities to interact with people from different backgrounds and understand their perspectives. I also had access to great teachers and amazing classes that heavily focused on real cases.

Outside of class, I had access to great advisors. I had an amazing advisor who I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t in MIB. I also was able to gain a great network. I met some great individuals who I’ve connected with that have gone through the MIB program as well.”

Q: Tell us about your internship and how being a Warrington student helped you.

Ayoub: “I am so excited to be interning at J.P. Morgan’s Corporate Client Banking division. I attended a job information session at the Warrington College of Business and met with many advisors/mentors who reviewed my resume and did mock interviews with me (thanks to Brittany Tyree, Michelle Bloom- Lugo and Juliette Brito). They also helped me to connect with Warrington alumni at J.P. Morgan who educated me on the role and assisted me in preparing for the interview process.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Ayoub: “At the internship, I hope to gain a firm understanding of what it means to be in corporate client banking at J.P. Morgan, and hopefully I do well! After graduation, I hope to stay in financial services and move to Europe by the time in am 30 years old. I also wish to pursue an MBA somewhere in the future.”
Q: What advice do you have for current MIB and combination degree students from the Heavener School of Business?

Ayoub: “Take a public speaking course – sign up for public speaking classes or join a club. The more comfortable you are presenting, the easier your interview process will be.

Stay true to yourself – take courses and enroll in majors/minors that you’re genuinely interested in! It will make your education much more exciting.

Develop a relationship with an advisor/career coach – find an advisor you connect with and continue a relationship with them. This way, you have a powerful resource who is actively helping you achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to leverage your network – Find a UF alum who is in a position/company you are interested in, and don’t be afraid to contact them for an informational interview! You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be.

Do mock interviews – prepare as much as you can for interviews and come with insightful/relevant questions.”

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