UF MBA students listening in class to Professor Anthony Coman.

UF MBA full-tuition scholarship enables students to transform without breaking the bank

One year ago, the University of Florida MBA program began offering 100 percent tuition scholarships to its Full-Time students. Since the introduction of the scholarship, 60 students have been able to pursue their MBA without having to cover the cost of tuition and fees. The scholarship has not only been valuable to students in helping cover tuition costs, but also has allowed UF MBA to continue to build upon its strong ROI by keeping the cost of attendance affordable as it prepares graduates for successful professional roles following graduation.

Alexa Esquivel and Luke Augustyn

UF MBA students Alexa Esquivel and Luke Augustyn.

For UF MBA student Alexa Esquivel (BSBA ’15, MBA ’19), the full-tuition scholarship allowed her to leave her job to focus on her MBA full-time.

“Coming from three years of work experience in New York, I struggled to wrap my head around how I would afford an MBA program up north,” Esquivel said. “I wanted to find the balance between a great education and full-time program without needing to take out loans. If it wasn’t for the scholarship, I probably would have had to work full-time while enrolling in a part-time program, which would have been a completely different experience for me.

“The full-time program has allowed me to meet classmates who challenge me every day to grow and achieve more.”

For Esquivel, being able to pursue her MBA full-time has allowed her to grow both professionally and personally. She has expanded her learning in different subjects like pricing and consumer and managerial decision making and has become a more confident and effective public speaker.

“I am confident that entering back into the professional world, I will be able to add more value and learn even quicker on the job given the fast-paced environment,” said Esquivel, who will be working with Apple’s Product Operations group post-graduation.

Similar to Esquivel, UF MBA student Luke Augustyn (MBA ’19) knew paying for an MBA would be a challenge, but that it was essential for him to enroll in an immersive full-time program to ensure he’d be able to transition into his dream career in corporate human resources.

“A big reason I chose to pursue my MBA was to significantly increase my earning potential,” Augustyn said. “Prior to the UF MBA program, money was rather tight, which made it difficult to save for this new education. Everything changed when UF offered me a full academic scholarship.

“Rather than applying to schools and deferring enrollment in order to save enough money to attend without hurling myself into massive debt, UF MBA’s full-tuition scholarship allowed me to pursue this next step almost immediately.”

Thanks to his UF MBA experience, Augustyn has indeed been able to increase his earning potential while also growing his network, developing his leadership skills and truly transforming himself professionally and personally.

“I am a massively different person from when I started the UF MBA program,” said Augustyn, who will be joining ExxonMobil as an HR Advisor upon graduation after receiving a full-time offer from an internship he completed last summer. “Not only am I prepared for my next professional steps, but I will be taking those steps with people that are going to help change companies and organizations for the better.”

Esquivel and Augustyn both credit UF MBA’s challenging academics, powerful network and strong professional development opportunities, especially the individual attention they received from Business Career Services, with their job placement success.

“It is fair to say that all MBA students have a mentor on the Business Career Services team who has acted as their support system, cheerleader and therapist throughout the job search,” Esquivel said. “Because I am Full-Time, I have the ability to walk into their offices at any time. I am able to work on assignments with my peers in class and out of class in Hough. I am able to meet with professors at any point during the week, and I am able to participate in UF events and activities on campus.

“There is only one shot for an MBA, and for me, full-time has been the best decision.”

Want to transform your professional and personal development without breaking the bank like Alexa and Luke? Learn more about the full-tuition scholarship by requesting information about the UF MBA Full-Time program.