Yuanjing Li

UF Warrington a ‘home away from home’ for graduate student from China

After working more than five years as a tactical/commercial marketing specialist in Shanghai, China, Yuanjing Li (MS-ISOM ’21) realized she needed to return to school to keep up with changes in the marketing industry.

“I realized that data analysis was becoming trendy and big data would lead business decisions in the future,” she said.

When looking into where she could develop her data skills, Li looked to the country that offered some of the first data analytics degree programs – the United States.

“I wanted to study the most advanced technology and knowledge [in data analytics], so I decided to come to the U.S. to pursue my master’s degree,” she said.

From there, it was an easy decision for Li to choose the University of Florida Warrington College of Business’ Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (MS-ISOM).

“I never got the chance to systematically learn how data drives final business decisions, so I believe the MS-ISOM program provides the perfect chance to let me do so,” she said. “The MS-ISOM program allows me to enhance my computing skills and business knowledge at the same time to pursue my future career goal. All the latest technology and my previous work experience will help me to build up a comprehensive structure of how data will affect our future.”

After completing her undergraduate degree from the Shanghai Institute of Technology 6 years ago, Li was excited yet nervous to be a student again.

“I hadn’t been on campus for many years, so I worried about the studying path a little bit,” she said. “But now I get the chance to meet new people and study in one of the best universities again!”

Since starting in the MS-ISOM program this fall, the Warrington College of Business has felt like a home away from home for Li.

“I can feel how hard the University of Florida is trying to make every international student feel at home here,” she said. “All the staff who work at the Warrington College of Business are friendly and professional. Professors are willing to answer any questions, no matter if it’s during class or after class.”

Another source of support Li is grateful for is the Baldwin, Little, Sun and Wu Sunshine Scholarship, contributed by Jane Sun (BSAc ’92), CEO of Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency. Sun established the scholarship in 2016 for students from China seeking to study at UF and to support UF student externships in China.

“Receiving the scholarship from Jane Sun is a huge reward to me,” Li said. “It means what I did in the past was worth the time I spent, and it reminds me what I should do in the future. I got the chance to know Jane Sun, a great lady who makes contributions to our society and a hardworking and smart business person we should all have as a [role] model.”

Li is on track to graduate from the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management program in 2021. While she still has a couple of years to go, she is sure that her degree from Warrington will help her achieve her career goals in consulting or market analysis. 

“I have confidence that [my] education at the Warrington College of Business will bring lots of positive effects in the future.”