A large white board on wheels sits in a green courtyard. The white board reads Before I graduate with the UF logo, which is made of post it notes

Warrington students share their business school goals and accomplishments

As students graduate this semester or prepare for graduation in future semesters, Warrington celebrated its students with a free t-shirt event in Emerson Courtyard. Students were prompted to share an accomplishment they’re proud of or a goal they plan to achieve before graduating.

Here are some of the highlights:

Michael Caminero (BSBA ’18): “I ventured out of my comfort zone and interned abroad in China! Knowing nothing about the language, I just did it!”

Spencer Dickens (MSM ’18): “Before I graduate, I will have accepted a full-time offer with Oracle.”

Caylin Duffy (BSBA ’22): “Before I graduate, I hope to join FLA.”

Theophilius Lassey (BSBA ’19/MIB ‘20): “One thing I am glad to have accomplished at Warrington is being able to serve as a mentor and resource to other students.”

Jenny Martinez (BSBA ’18): “Before I graduate, I hope to have been an inspiring student leader.”

Mary Anne O’Neill (BSBA ’18): “I am proud of my congressional internship in Washington D.C.!”

Catherine Palmer (BSBA ’18): “Before I graduate, I will have accepted a full-time offer with Fortune 500 company, Harris Corporation!”

Victoria Pinto (ISOM ‘18): “Before I graduate, I will have made a family at Warrington!”

Connor Pleban (MAcc ’19): “Before I graduate, I will have passed the CPA Exam!”

Darnadeeksan Srinivasan (ISOM ’18): “I’m proud to have learned and acquired tech skills although I had no prior knowledge or degree.”

Lucy Zhang (ISOM PhD ’22): “Before I graduate, I hope to have at least two publications in top journals.”