A group of students in suits pose for a photo in front of a large bronze statue of a Gator on a globe.
Ethics Case Competition team, from left, Kameron Lubben, Annie Gjineci, Jagger Milliard, Shreya Venkat and Dennis Kyrychenko.

Warrington team wins first place for second year at International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Students from the University of Florida Warrington College of Business took home their second consecutive first place award at the 2022 International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition (IBESCC).

IBESCC, hosted by Loyola Marymount University, is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious event of its kind. Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world participate in the annual competition to identify problems and present solutions to some of the most pressing ethical issues in global business today. 

“The International Business Ethics and Sustainability Case Competition attracts some of the best universities in the world,” said Dr. Brian Ray, Director of the Poe Business Ethics Center. “During the past 20-plus years, this competition has become a recognized international program with student teams from multiple continents engaging in a wide array of business ethics issues. It is tremendous to see Warrington’s team achieve such success against prestigious institutions like Cornell, the University of Illinois, the University of Miami, the University of Washington, and UMass Amherst.  It has been a pleasure working with these students as they explored innovative ways to promote the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. They all did an excellent job representing the University of Florida!”

The team of Annie Gjineci (BSBA ’23), Kameron Lubben (BSBA ’25), Jagger Milliard (BSBA ’24), Shreya Venkat (BSBA ’23) and Dennis Kyrychenko (BA ’25) won first place for the 25-minute competition.

Gjineci, Lubben, Milliard, Vankat and Kyrychenko were asked to create their own case study targeted at business and on a topic that was related to at least one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The team chose to present a sustainability development plan for e-scooter company GrabWheels in Jakarta, Indonesia as a way to move away from the city’s dependency on cars.

“Our plan was to expand the company of GrabWheels via its e-scooter charging stations, implementing more bike lanes in the city, and helping the company gain exposure through a marketing campaign,” team captain Gjineci said. “We also suggested for GrabWheels to utilize a Public Private Partnership with the Indonesian government to fund the plan. This solution helped decrease carbon emissions, ease traffic congestion, and overall provide a better environment for GrabWheels users and Jakarta citizens.”

The team is certainly proud of their win, and even more honored to do it together.

“It is an honor to work with an exemplary team that brings diverse experiences and skillsets,” Lubben said. “We will continue to put forth excellence now and in the coming years regardless of the challenges to come.”

Ray also echoed the team’s message of pride in representing the college together on an international level.

“The hard work and success of these students should be a tremendous source of pride for the Gator Nation,” said Ray. “It is wonderful to see that the Poe Business Ethics Center is making a big impact in the professional development of our undergraduate students. GO GATORS….GO ETHICS!”