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Why you don’t need a business background to be successful in real estate

By Brandon Krumins, BS Journalism ’16, MSRE ’19, JD ’19

Brandon Krumins My path to the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate (MSRE) program was slightly unconventional compared to the majority of students who matriculate into the program. As an undergraduate journalism major at the University of Florida, I honed my writing and interviewing skills in preparation to attend law school. I was always interested in the MSRE program, as a handful of close friends who entered as combination degree students spoke very highly of it, but never thought I would have the opportunity to pursue the degree myself.

Upon entering law school at UF and completing my first year, I began interviewing for internships and landed with Foley & Lardner Orlando’s office. The Orlando office, being located in Central Florida, has a large real estate practice group where many partners focus on the condominium, resort and hospitality industry. Having accepted an offer as a summer associate with Foley in the real estate group, I began taking as many real estate-based courses as the law school offered. However, I also recognized an opportunity to pursue the MSRE program and learn about real estate from the eyes of real estate professionals in development, leasing, and private equity, among other sectors. Additionally, I was aware of the program’s strong alumni network, which includes many of the leaders in the state across the aforementioned fields.

My background in journalism has and will continue to prove useful when working closely with real estate-related legal documents. Additionally, the real estate industry knowledge acquired through the MSRE program will certainly prove valuable when grappling with the complexities of large-scale real estate transactions. Most importantly, the program greatly expands my network and career horizons.

After graduation, I will begin my career at Foley as an Associate Attorney with a practice focusing on real estate and corporate transactions. I highly recommend the MSRE program to anyone interested in real estate, regardless of your educational background. Just as it has for me, the program will greatly broaden your career horizons, provide an unparalleled network of dedicated alumni, and give you the foundation to enter the world of commercial real estate with confidence.

Don’t have a background in business? No problem. Request information learn more about how you can be successful in the real estate industry, no matter your educational background, through the Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program.