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Want to Grow Your Real Estate Business? Be an Influencer!

Warrington’s Clinical Professor Dr. Steven Tufts explains how to build a real estate referral network and sphere of influence that work for you in this story in Florida Realtor Magazine. See Dr. Tufts’ top tips for growing your real estate business. 

Teaching and Advising Awards honor standout Warrington faculty and advisors.

Three honored with Warrington’s teaching, advising awards

The University of Florida Warrington College of Business recognized faculty members Dr. Michael Mayberry and Dr. Steve Tufts along with advisor Melissa Forgione as its 2019-2020 Teaching/Advising Award winners. Michael Mayberry: Dr. Mayberry is the Jack Kramer Term Assistant Professor in the Fisher School of Accounting. He received his B.S. and M.Acc. from the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida as well as his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. He teaches graduate courses in taxation, including Federal

New year's resolutions on yellow reminders

The Business of…New Year’s resolutions

Business principles are prevalent throughout almost all industries that impact your life. We decided to take a look at how business leaders implement these principles in their companies and how academic experts explain the impact business principles have on the decisions business leaders make. From real-world practice to years of study, our experts break down the business of everything you’ve wanted to know about. This month, we start with something that an estimated 60 percent of us make, but only

Double exposure of a businessman and stairs. Success of business concept.

How champions think

“Many years ago, I was the definition of a golf freak,” writes Clinical Professor of Marketing Dr. Steve Tufts. In his quest to learn as much about the game as he could, Tufts found that performance wasn’t just dictated by skill. “The thing that I noticed about golfers of all skill levels was that their thinking, maybe more than their skill, dictated their performance,” he said. Coupled with ideas from famous sports psychologist Bob Rotella, Tufts offers six ways to