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16 business podcasts you should listen to right now

Students, alumni, faculty and staff from the Warrington College of Business shared their recommendations for podcasts that you should check out. See their selections and what you’ll get out of listening to each in the list below.

Working Title Podcast

Working Title with Margot Lee

“This podcast is hosted by 20 something Margot Lee! She is a college Youtuber turned marketing director of the start-up HomeFromCollege. Her episodes are super relatable and are great for anyone who is interested in the influencer world!”

– Astrid Rojas, MS Marketing ’22


John Maxwell

Minute with Maxwell with John Maxwell

“My favorite podcast right now is John Maxwell: Minute with Maxwell, which includes little brief lessons on the subjects of leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, communication, and coaching from the world-renowned author of a bazillion books on the same subjects.”

– Dr. Steve Tufts, Clinical Professor, Marketing


Born to Impact with Joel Marion

Born to Impact with Joel Marion

“The podcast helps give listeners purpose in their lives. It can help you change your perspective of the world for the better. They show you how to be your most productive self because you’re motivated by those around you. They really teach you how to make an impact on the world. They set out towards helping you achieve ‘A life where you’re making a difference in your family, in your relationships, in your career, and in the world around you,’ and I think they do that really well!”

– Alexander Munguia, BSBA ’24


Jocko Podcast

Jocko Podcast with Jocko Willink and Echo Charles  

“This is the best podcast I have listened to related to leadership, and it is not even close. While the material may not be for everyone, as it is mostly lessons learned from the successes and failures of the military, there are tangible lessons that are not learned in everyday life. Listeners can take these lessons, including the main thought of ‘Extreme Ownership’, into business, personal scenarios, or any other facet of life. Highly, highly recommend.”

– Houston Bailey, Associate Director, Graduate Business Career Services


Choose FI

ChooseFI with Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa

“ChooseFI is a podcast that focuses on actionable tips that can help you on your journey to financial independence. These tips include how to pay off debt, start a side hustle, reducing expenses, budgeting, tax optimization, and many other topics. Each episode is designed to help you get ahead in your personal and financial life.”

– Devon Gable, BS ’20, MSM ’22


The Producer's Perspective Podcast with Ken Davenport

The Producer’s Perspective with Ken Davenport

“This is my favorite podcast, hosted by Broadway mega-producer Ken Davenport! Ken hosts the biggest names on Broadway, ranging from fellow producers to actors, company managers, etc. Ken cares about the Art, but recognizes that it is show ‘business’, and works to get as much advice out there as possible to people in the Arts/Entertainment industry to help make the industry grow/thrive!”

– Edward Datz, MSM ’19, Simulation Specialist, Mursion


NerdWallet Smart Money

Smart Money from NerdWallet

“NerdWallet’s in-house writers answer your real-world money questions. The Nerds are your guides so you can get smart, then get back to doing you.”

– Jason Williams, Design Lead, Marketing and Communication Services


Stuff You Should Know Podcast

Stuff You Should Know with Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant

“I’ve been a hardcore Stuff You Should Know (SYSK) fan for more than 6 years now. Josh and Chuck present weekly two hour-ish long podcasts on new topics, ‘Short Stuff’ on Wednesdays, that’s usually around 10 minutes, and an ‘SYSK Selects’ on Saturday that replays some of their older episodes throughout their more than a decade of podcasting. They cover a myriad of topics, from Research Bias to how the myth that Southerners are dumb is actually from hookworm to the justice system and Humpty Dumpty. The information is presented in a way that is easy for the listener to understand, often with the hosts explaining concepts to each other. Each episode has its own flavor of humor, and sensitive topics are handled in a way that most of their audience can enjoy. This isn’t a podcast that deep dives into topics, but rather gives a firm understanding of a broad range of stuff…well, stuff you should know. SYSK was recently added to Ad Fontes media bias chart as a podcast and was rated as balanced bias.”

– Jordan Hogan, BSBA ’15, MS-ISOM ’22


NPR Planet Money

Planet Money from NPR

– Maggy Stansly, Fiscal Assistant, Business Career Services



Think Fast, Talk Smart

Think Fast, Talk Smart with Matt Abrahams  

“Every episode of ‘Think Fast, Talk Smart’ will give you tips on how to communicate more effectively.

The host, Matt Abrahams, is a strategic communication expert at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. But although he is the host, the communication advice comes from other faculty at Stanford, within and beyond the business school. 

For example, in episodes of this podcast you’ll hear a psychology professor talk about embracing the benefits of stress, a neuroscientist talk about using stories to capture people’s emotions, and a management professor talk about communicating under pressure.

The episodes are always brief (usually about 20 minutes) and always insightful. My favorite part of each is at the end when Matt asks his guest these three questions: 

1) If you were to capture the best communication advice you ever received as a 5-7-word slide title, what would it be? 
2) Who is a communicator that you admire, and why?
3) What are the three essential ingredients for successful communication?

Hearing a wide range of experts answer these questions will help you to see how each is drawing from a common set of communication principles. Even better, it will help you to see how you can apply and benefit from those principles in your own workplace communication.”

– Dr. Anthony Coman, Lecturer, Management Communication Center


Creating Disney Magic

Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell

“This podcast dives into customer service and the importance of leaders treating their employees with dignity and respect. The hosts also take listener questions and provide advice on issues listeners may be experiencing in the workplace.”

– Ryan Chin-Hing, Academic Advisor, Information Systems and Operations Management


Big Money Energy

Big Money Energy with Ryan Serhant

“I enjoyed this podcast so much because entrepreneurs from all starts and backgrounds came together to talk about how they got started, what made them successful and the lessons learned along the way. There’s a focus on remembering ‘self’ which is SO easy to forget when developing, launching, growing and making a business successful. I also appreciate the reminder that failure is just another way to learn!”

– Robyn Crawford, Office Manager, Management Communication Center


Behind the Suits

Behind the Suits with UF CAP Mentors

“Behind the Suits, the official Podcast of the Business Career Service’s CAP Mentor team (Career and Peer Mentors) is a great podcast for current students and recent alumni. This awesome resource, created and managed by our CAP Mentor students, provides real-time and actionable career and professional development content that our current students and recent alumni can put into action immediately. From job search advice, resume tips, interview guidance, and alumni interviews, Behind the Suits is a fun and very valuable career podcast that can’t be missed. A new episode launches each week! Be sure to check it out!”

– Craig Petrus, Executive Director, Business Career Services and Michelle Bloom-Lugo, Director, Undergraduate Business Career Services



CrimeScience from Loss Prevention Research Council

“This weekly podcast discusses current and emerging global retailing, crime, and criminology issues, research, and innovation. UF’s R&D and Ai capabilities are frequently referenced.”

– Dr. Read Hayes, Research Scientist, Wertheim College of Engineering


She Did it Her Way with Amanda Boleyn

She Did it Her Way with Amanda Boleyn

“Inspirational, insightful and thoughtful podcast for anyone looking to elevate their side hustle in the gig economy!”

– Jamie Kraft, Director, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center


Squeezing the Orange of Social Science

Squeezing the Orange with Dan Cable and Akin Omobitan

“Squeezing the Orange is a relatively new podcast. The hosts, Dr. Dan Cable (Professor at London Business School) and comedian Akin Omobitan, pick a single peer-reviewed business article (usually a management article given Dan’s training) and break it down so that anyone can understand its findings and implications. I first discovered it when they reviewed an article written by Management faculty Klodiana Lanaj and Amir Erez, along with a former UF Ph.D. student Trevor Foulk.”

– Dr. Brian Swider, Beth Ayers McCague Family Fellowship Professor, Management