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Celebrating Warrington’s summer graduates

The Warrington College of Business celebrates all 343 students graduating this summer. As students prepare for our virtual commencement ceremony on August 15 at 7 p.m., we congratulate all students participating, whether they’re receiving their bachelor’s degree or doctorate.

Learn more about the experiences of these three summer graduates and their future plans.


Coming into UF, I set three general goals for myself in Warrington Welcome: get involved, study abroad and complete a combination degree program.

During my first year, I became a BUMP Mentee and participated in LDP. These programs were a great way for me to meet new people and stay active in the Heavener community. After my first year, I became Student Assistant for the Academic and Career Advising of the Heavener School of Business. This was the position that truly kick-started my confidence and ability to make an impact at Heavener. My colleagues became not only my friends, but a network of people that truly motivate me. The Peer Advising program also gave me a chance to make deeper connections and impact the Heavener community.  

In the summer following my sophomore year, I participated in the UF in London program. Studying abroad was a goal of mine, and with the ability to complete a summer internship abroad and London being the longest program, I was sold. I met some of my best friends through this program and had travel experiences that were invaluable to my growth and independence. I worked for a real estate startup company, Houzen, which allowed me to conduct property viewings all around London and create a mobile app that would facilitate their growth in the industry. 

I had little to no clue what information systems was, but I have a deep passion for business and knew that technology was the wave of the future. The ISOM combination degree program ended up enhancing my analytical and organizational skills and also sparked innovation as a passion of mine. As I learned more about information systems, I realized I liked solving problems and I liked the complexity and tangibility of products or services reaching consumers.  

This fall, I will transition from the combination degree ISOM program to full time MSISOM. I recently completed a 2.5-week virtual internship with Protiviti, a company that values integrity, innovation and inclusion equally. I am excited to work in the Atlanta, GA office as a full-time consultant following my May 2021 graduation from the MSISOM program.

Creating my network and finding my niche in Heavener did not happen overnight, but by putting myself out there, I found my teammates and colleagues were the ones to inspire and encourage me to push myself professionally and personally.


Melvin Corredor enrolled at the Warrington College of Business to obtain his bachelor’s degree, but he knew the experience would be about much more than that. Corredor currently works as the Senior Plans Examiner with the Village of Wellington, and he didn’t need to return to school to complete his degree.

“The aspiration of self-improvement,” Corredor said about why he returned to school. “I wanted to reinforce theories and principles of work I have innately known are required for a successful career path.”

Corredor had a unique opportunity to immediately apply what he learned in his classes to his job. Whether he was learning new material or having information reinforced that he already knew from his role, the experience at Warrington allowed him to widen his knowledge and become more comfortable in his role.

“I have found these courses to be extremely rewarding,” Corredor said. “Although some of the courses were brutal (i.e. Business Finance), I would not trade the experience for anything. Each class, from the easiest to the most challenging, has attributed to my personal growth. Obviously some more than others but each have contributed, and I am grateful for the experience. I leave feeling better equipped to tackle workplace challenges. I feel that some classes gave me new tools and skills to use, whereas other classes sharpened my tools and my capacity to skillfully use them.”

Corredor’s enjoyed his experience at Warrington so much that he decided to stick around longer – he’ll begin working toward his master’s in January.

“I am currently accepted into the UF MBA program and will start working on my Master of Business Administration here at the great University of Florida,” Corredor said. “Go Gators!!!!”


Entering UF as a business major, I understood the necessity of doing well in classes, but was not yet aware of the importance of using the school’s available resources. I learned quickly to take advantage of all that the Heavener School offered from the Introduction to Business class, in which student instructors assisted freshmen in mapping out their college plan, guiding professional development, and introducing us to the helpful resources offered by the college, like CAP Mentors and the Business Career Services team.

It was by the networking prowess of Ms. Michelle Bloom-Lugo from Business Career Services that, after my planned summer internship opportunity was cancelled due to COVID-19, I was able to apply to and secure a remote internship at The Selling Factory, specializing in on-demand sales for external companies. Because of the Business Career Services office, I was able to turn zero internships into two, as well as gain exposure to an enjoyable corporate environment with a great company culture.

Student organizations beyond the business school including club swimming and RecSports provided social circles and lifelong friends, but the professional programs and resources of Heavener set me up for success after my bachelor’s degree and post-college. I can look back at my undergraduate years and acknowledge the professional growth and personal development, accomplishing my goals of increasing understanding of consumer behavior and the unexpected surprise of the fun involved in data analytics

The impact of my mentors, namely Miller Retail Center Director Betsy Goodman and Ph.D. Candidate Sang Kyu Park, inspired me to apply to graduate school, with their enthusiastic attitudes influencing my choice to be a part of the first-ever class of Warrington’s Master of Science in Marketing program.

While I started college without a clear career path, these departments and processes, along with my personal experiences, like staying connected with professors after classed ended, shaped me into a graduate school student and experienced corporate intern.