Naz Erenguc

Meet our MBA Director of Admissions: Naz Erenguc

Considering an MBA from the University of Florida? Meet the fearless leader who will guide you along your journey, from choosing which program is right for you to the application process and beyond, UF MBA Director of Admissions Naz Erenguc.  

Naz has been with the University of Florida since 2007, most recently serving as Associate Director of Admissions at UF MBA for more than six years. She works to recruit and admit students to UF MBA, including the Full-Time, Weekend Professional, Online and Executive programs. The Gainesville native earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in health education and behavior, as well as her Ph.D. from the College of Health and Human Performance all from the University of Florida.

Q: When did you know that you wanted to be involved in higher education, and why was that an interesting option for you?

Naz: “I had FANTASTIC academic advisors as an undergraduate student here at UF! After working with them I instantly knew that my career path would veer away from the health professions and into higher education. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to serve as an academic advisor in the College of Health and Human Performance and Liberal Arts and Sciences before making the transition to Admissions here at the MBA program.”

Q: What are you most proud of that you’ve been involved with during your time at UF MBA?

Naz: “This is difficult to say, I feel a great sense of pride in my team every time we bring in a new crop (cohort) of MBA students. I know being on the road, hosting information sessions and open houses can be time/energy consuming, so to see our efforts come to fruition is a special moment. I would say that graduation is another time where I’m inspired by the hard work our students have put in to earn their MBAs and, therefore, this is the second (but equally) proud moment for me.”

Q: What goal do you have for students going through UF MBA? What do you most hope they get out of their time here?

Naz: “I can’t say this enough…embrace being a Gator! The best way to experience our MBA program is to participate in all the out-of-classroom opportunities we’ve curated to make this experience a transformative one!”

Q: If you didn’t decide to pursue a career in higher education, what would you do instead?

Naz: “In addition to serving on the Admissions Team, I also have the privilege to teach here on campus. So, if I wasn’t working in the MBA program, I may put my PhD to work and dedicate more time on the teaching side. And if you’re looking for an answer that goes beyond the ivy clad walls of UF I would say my passion is in public health, so I would probably work for a state or governmental agency promoting positive health behaviors or public health initiatives.”

Q: What can we find you doing outside of work or on the weekend?

Naz: “When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to travel and when I find the time, I love spending it at the lake or beach.”

Q: What’s a fact about you that might surprise other people?

Naz: “Some things most people don’t know are: 1. I’m a twin (fraternal…don’t worry there’s not another identical me running around campus), 2. I completed the Post-Doctoral Bridge Program and 3. I can walk on my hands.”

Q: Is there anything else you’d like the Warrington community to know about you that we didn’t ask about?

Naz: “After having worked for a few other colleges across the UF campus I can say with utmost pride that Warrington feels like home and I’m happy to be a part of this community.”

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