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Why you should get a graduate degree from Warrington now

Specialized master’s programs have been popping up at many top business schools in the world, but at the Warrington College of Business, they’ve long been one of our main focuses. Our programs’ longevity helps produce some of the best specialized master’s degrees in the industry, and the rankings prove it.

With five specialized master’s programs ranked among the top five publics by Eduniversal, now is the perfect time to pursue your master’s at Warrington. Here’s why:

There’s a program format for you

Are you wanting to enroll in a program that’s fully on campus so you’re immersed into the program and its resources? We’ve got plenty of them. Looking for an online program to maintain your current job and your time with friends and family? We’ve got that, too.

With seven specialized master’s programs and different options within each, Warrington has something for everyone. We have programs specifically designed for business undergraduates who are ready to take a deeper dive in their field or students from non-business backgrounds who want to make the transition. Whatever level of flexibility or program interest you want to pursue, Warrington can help you reach your professional goals.

Why rush into the job market now?

As economic uncertainty continues, this could be the perfect time for you to stay in school or return to school and pursue a graduate degree. By the time you graduate with your master’s, you’ll have a clearer picture of what the future looks like in your industry.

For current students, all it means is staying in school for as little as one extra year. Warrington’s combination degree programs allow you to pursue a master’s with time and financial benefits. But for those already in the workforce facing uncertainty, going back to school can provide you with the skill set to make you an impactful employee in your industry.   

Stand out when you do enter the job search

Whenever you begin to look for a job, doing so with a master’s on your resume makes you stand out more to recruiters and employers. It shows them you have more skills than other applicants, but it also shows that you value self-growth and improving yourself.

Your experience in our master’s programs will also make you more well-rounded and prepared to stand out during interviews. It’s the perfect way to improve your soft skills and be able to sell yourself to recruiters.

Resources go much further than classroom learning

The classroom is an important aspect of our master’s programs. You’ll learn the fundamentals of your industry and how to become an expert. However, the classroom setting is only the beginning. You’ll experience many positives in the program that come from outside of the classroom.

Warrington has a Business Career Services office where you can experience individualized attention from career coaches that know how to set you up for success. There are also student organizations for you to meet like-minded professionals and build your resume. Hough Hall, the home of all graduate programming at Warrington, is frequented by networking and recruiting events for you to stay immersed in the latest business trends.

Strength in The Gator Nation

Pursuing a master’s degree at Warrington isn’t a one-year investment. It’s about the rest of your life. The network you’ll build can help you navigate your professional journey. The Gator Nation has 415,000+ alumni around the world, and 73,100+ are graduates of Warrington. No matter what industry or location you choose to pursue after graduation, there’s a good chance fellow Gators are already there.

Ready to find the right master’s program for you? Learn more about Warrington’s master’s programs.