Professors Chris Janiszewski and Steve Shugan
From left: Professors Chris Janiszewski and Steve Shugan

Professors Shugan and Janiszewski named top research authors

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – McKethan-Matherly Eminent Scholar Steven M. Shugan and Russell Berrie Foundation Eminent Scholar Chris Janiszewski were both listed as top authors of research in marketing as part of a published article in the Journal of Business Research.

“Evaluating publications across business disciplines: Inferring interdisciplinary “exchange rates” from intradisciplinary author rankings,” by Timo Korkeamäki of the Hanken School of Economics, Finland, and Jukka Sihvonen and Sami Vähämaa of the University of Vaasa, Finland, compares publications and research across business disciplines. Their paper aims to provide an objective method for evaluating the interdisciplinary value of publications based on intradisciplinary author rankings.

Their research concluded that Shugan was the No. 1 top-ranked author, with 22 weighted articles. Janiszewski was ranked 20th, with 9.42 weighted articles. Shugan and Janiszewski’s research production of weighted articles, accounting for the number of co-authored articles by distributing articles proportionally among all authors and measuring the number of single-authored articles using fractional counting, was compared to that of authors in marketing, economics, accounting, management and finance over the period of 2005-2015.

Shugan’s research interests include normative methods for modeling competition, metrics, services marketing, entertainment marketing, advance-selling, markets for evaluative information, models of selling and product policy, channels of distribution, and consumer decision-making.

Janiszewski’s research interests include branding, price perception, consumer learning, perceived value and goal-directed behavior.

You can find more about Shugan and Janiszewski’s research on the Warrington College of Business website.