Aaron Hill
Associate Professor of Management Aaron Hill.

Warrington faculty member appointed fellow at prestigious management association

Dr. Aaron Hill, an associate professor and faculty member at the Warrington College of Business, was recently elected to become a Fellow at the Southern Management Association (SMA).

The SMA is a prestigious academic and service-oriented group, dedicated to empowering its members to realize their potential as scholars through professional development and scholarship. The SMA is also the owner of an acclaimed journal in the field of management, the Journal of Management.

“I was very excited to join this group in particular; a group that not only has great scholars, but great people,” Hill said. “The people side of this is very exciting. What I hope to do is to follow the lead of others who produce good scholarship and serve the broader community and, particularly, to continue the legacy of scholarship and service both in the Warrington College and the Fellows in whose footsteps I follow.

“When I look at other Fellows, I hope to live up to their bar as scholars and servants.”

SMA Fellows are elected based on scholarly achievements and sustained service within the organization, such as holding offices, committee involvement, editorial responsibilities and program participation. Once elected, Fellows contribute to the organization by speaking at an annual conference, amongst other duties.

For his work as a teacher, scholar and mentor and for his involvement in the organization, Hill was offered Fellowship. Hill has published research in the areas of strategic leadership and governance in several academic journals, including the Journal of Management, on which he currently serves as Associate Editor. He says that his goals have been to excel in his work and to give back to the field of academe.

“I am both honored and humbled to have been named a Fellow of the Southern Management Association and was very pleasantly surprised to be recognized,” he said. “I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that a former UF faculty member, William M. Fox, was one of the founding members of the SMA Fellows and I hope I can continue the Warrington College legacy of scholarship and service. It is also very special for me to share this honor with a number of individuals who have helped me directly in my career.”

Hill’s election to become a Fellow is a mark of his commitment to scholarly excellence. Moving forward, he intends to continue his work and contribution to the field of management.

“I would like to single out a number of people for direct thank yous for their roles in setting an example for me to follow in this field, but I would inevitably miss someone,” he said. “The people who trained me and my past and current colleagues truly share this honor by setting the example for me to follow and helping me grow in the field.”