Dr. Chris Janiszewski

Warrington faculty ranks in top 20 in productivity among U.S. publics

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The faculty of the Warrington College of Business Administration ranked 18th in research productivity among U.S. public business schools in the University of Texas at Dallas’ Top 100 Business School Research Rankings.

Warrington’s faculty ranked 33rd among all U.S. schools and 40th in the world.

The rankings, maintained by UT-Dallas’ Jindal School of Management, tracked publications in 24 leading business journals from 2009 to 2013. Warrington’s faculty had 89 articles published in these journals during that time period.

The College’s three most productive faculty members according to UT-Dallas’ database were from Warrington’s Department of Marketing. Dr. Chris Janiszewski, the Russell Berrie Foundation Eminent Scholar Chair, published 11 articles.  His 2010 article, “Evaluative Conditioning Procedures and the Resilience of Conditioned Brand Attitudes,” won numerous awards including the EMAC McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award, the MOAward for Science, and received honorable mention for the John A. Howard Doctoral Dissertation Award among others. The article, which appeared in the October 2010 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, was co-authored with Steven Sweldens and Stijn M.J. Van Osselaer

Dr. Jinhong Xie, the JC Penney Eminent Scholar Chair, published eight articles. Her 2010 article, “Survival in Markets with Network Effects: Product Compatibility and Order-of-Entry Effects,” was named a finalist for the Marketing Science Institute’s H. Paul Root Award. The article, which appeared in the July 2010 issue of the Journal of Marketing, was co-authored with Yubo Chen and Qinghai Wang.

Dr. Aner Sela, the John I. Williams, Jr., Professor, published five articles. His 2012 article, “Decision Quicksand: How Trivial Choices Suck Us In,” was written about in The Atlantic, Forbes, The Guardian, Scientific American and The Wall Street Journal.  The article, which appeared in the August 2012 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research, was co-authored with Jonah Berger.