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12 tips from Warrington students on how you can be successful in your online courses

To all of our students at the Warrington College of Business, we applaud your phenomenal efforts to remain successful in your courses despite being away from Bryan 130, Heavener 140, Hough 250, Gerson 126 and all the classrooms, breakout rooms and common areas you’ve come to know during your time here. Your adaptability and determination make us proud.

To that end, when we asked you via Instagram Stories what tips you had for being successful in online classes, we knew we had to share.

Check out the top tips for success in online courses from your fellow students across Warrington.

Get organized

  • “Write down every due date on your calendar at the beginning of the semester.” – Whitney Fetterhoff (Online MBA ’21)
  • “Link the Canvas to iCal so your phone notifies you when assignments are due.” – Rebecca Stephenson (BABA ’23)
  • “Keep up with lectures as if you were attending them in person!” – Jennifer Inzunza (BSBA ’21)
  • “Use the GatorWell techniques on time management and avoiding procrastination!” – Violeta Lopez (BABA ’20)

Stay engaged

  • “Dress like you’re attending an in-person class so you’ll look and feel productive!” – Priscilla Louis (BSBA ’20, MIB ’21)
  • “Cameras ON! Turning on my camera during online synchronous courses, although optional, helps to keep me focused and connected. I feel that the professor and my classmates appreciate seeing more than a room of blank participants as well!” –Brandon Schuk (MSM ‘21)
  • “Attending Professor or TA office hours when you can to stay up to date with course materials.” – Russell Vaz (BSAc ’23)
  • “[Make] phone calls to connect with cohort members. Talk about job, life, coursework.” – Michael Herman (Online MBA ’22)

Have a comfy environment

  • “Have two screens for watching lectures and taking notes!” – Michael Herman (Online MBA ’22)

Combat Zoom fatigue

  • “Making sure to get a good night’s rest!” – Ana Jaramillo (BSBA ’23)
  • “Spending time outside in the sun between meetings/classes.” – Deana Netzer (BABA ’20, MIB ’21)
  • “Starbucks or some coffee in general!” – Hannah Lalgie (BABA ’20)