Graduation Spotlight: Carly Voytecek

While spending a summer interning at Citi during her time as an undergraduate student, Carly Voytecek many other UF Warrington College of Business graduates who all had the same advice – enroll in the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management program. Offered as a combined degree that would allow her to enroll while still at the Heavener School of Business, the program was a perfect fit for Voytecek’s future.

“The MS-ISOM degree seemed like the perfect program to advance my technical skills while still leveraging the benefits of the business school,” she said.  

After following their advice, Voytecek graduates this weekend and begins her career as an analyst in Citi’s Global Consumer Technology organization in Irving, TX.  

Voytecek has been heavily involved as a student at Heavener while participating in Career & Leadership Programs such as Heavener Leadership Challenge and the Director of Recruiting for Florida Leadership Academy. 

“At Heavener, I learned so much about leadership, collaboration, and networking,” Voytecek said. “Participating in Career & Leadership Programs and generally spending time around the commons allowed me to develop great friendships with other business students, and we were able to challenge one another and encourage each other throughout our time in school. A specific benefit I’m taking away from my time in Heavener is the ability to recognize the strengths and values of others and help them use them optimally for individual success or to best contribute to a team. I look forward to being able to connect with and help other Heavener students and alumni for the rest of my career.”

The combined degree experience allowed her to stay engrained in the Heavener experience while also taking graduate courses for her master’s degree. It saved time and money, allowing her to be a more prepared professional on the first day of her job at Citi.

“Being a combined degree student allowed me to take my classes more efficiently while still covering all material for my undergrad degree and my MS-ISOM degree,” she said. “It was nice to be able to start taking graduate courses and meet ISOM classmates early before we transitioned to being Hough students full-time. I also graduated in 4.5 years instead of the traditional five, so it also saved me money.”

The MS-ISOM program provided the technical background that paired perfectly with her business background.

“The MS-ISOM program helped me develop and improve technical skills including programming fundamentals, data visualization techniques, and data flow diagramming,” Voytecek said. “In addition, I was constantly practicing business speaking and presenting skills, as well as collaborating with my teammates in group projects. The practical skills I learned in my coursework were great assets to me as I worked in my internships, and my internships gave me a great lens through which to think about how I might apply other concepts from our course material in the technology industry.”