MSF student Melanie Ventura

Heavener student invited to Forbes conference

Melanie Ventura was recognized by Forbes and will attend the outlet’s Forbes Under 30 Summit in October. Ventura, who will graduate from Heavener with her bachelor’s degree in December 2019 and a Master of Science in Finance in May 2020, will attend the summit on a full scholarship and hear from prestigious keynote speakers, panels on topics in technology, fashion, philanthropy, and more.

“Attendance at this conference will allow me to connect with future leaders and learn from the world’s greatest minds,” Ventura said. “I know I will get invaluable information that I can bring back and share with other students at the University of Florida and represent our university on a global level.”

After graduating in May 2020, Ventura will start her career as a Commercial Banking – Middle Market Analyst for J.P. Morgan in Houston, Texas, and she will also continue to grow her company, Ventura Venture.

Her growth at Warrington has played an important role in receiving these opportunities.

“My experience at Warrington has helped me stand out by pursuing a master’s degree in finance and a minor in entrepreneurship,” Ventura said. “My passion for finance and entrepreneurship has fueled my motivation to develop my own company, Ventura Venture. By utilizing my master’s and bachelor’s degrees in finance from UF, as well as my 10 years of experience in holistic health, I hope to take an active role in helping communities reach a healthier lifestyle – physically, mentally, and financially.”

While attending the Forbes Under 30 Summit, Ventura will also be able to attend exclusive networking sessions, explore the city of Detroit and do community service around the city with others attending the conference.