Ashley Arndt

MS Marketing Student Spotlight: Ashley Arndt

Ashley Arndt is pursuing her MS Marketing degree from the Warrington College of Business. Learn more about Ashley and see how she’s benefitted from pursuing her master’s degree in marketing.  

Ashley Arndt poses for a photo on skis before heading down the slope.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

Arndt: “I am a combination student in my second semester in the program. This is my third year here at UF and my undergrad major is marketing as well. I am planning on graduating from the program in December 2021. Currently, I am a part of the Ambassador program and also work part time at UF’s Call Center as a supervisor.”

Q: Why did you join the MS Marketing program?

Arndt: “I pursued the marketing program because I was interested to learn more in depth about marketing, sales and analysis. I found out about the program just before classes moved online last spring, and while COVID-19 made the application process a little more hectic, I am so glad I did it. Even after just a semester I can already see that I will be entering the workforce better prepared.”

Q: How is your experience in the MS Marketing program so far?

Arndt: “So far, my experience in the program has been great. While COVID has prevented me from having in-person classes, my professors have done an amazing job keeping the classes engaging even via Zoom. Group work also helps make the classes much more personal and having a team to collaborate with has made the online environment feel more like a normal semester.”

Q: Any advice to current UF undergraduate students looking forward to applying to the MS Marketing program?

Ashley Arndt poses for a photo with her pit bull, Jude.

Ashley and her pit bull, Jude.

Arndt: “My advice would be to apply! I highly recommend people pursue the combination option, so start looking early. I have really appreciated the opportunity to double count credits. I definitely felt like my undergrad experience was enhanced whether it was a marketing core class that I had the opportunity to learn on a deeper level or an elective credit that gave me greater insight into topics I was less familiar with.”

Q: What do you plan to do after graduation?

Arndt: “After graduation I plan on pursuing a marketing analytics or sales role in the consumer-packaged goods industry. This summer I have an internship with PepsiCo-Frito Lay, and hope that experience leads to even more opportunities to apply everything I have learned at UF!”

Q: Tell us three cool facts about you.

Arndt: “1. Thanks to being a military child, I have lived in five states (some more than once) and two different countries. 2. Last year I adopted a 2-year-old pit bull who is my whole heart! 3. I have worked at UF’s calling center for two years and personally raised over $97,000 for the university. Go Gators!”