Eden Shamir is graduating from Warrington

Graduating Student Spotlight: Eden Shamir

Eden Shamir came to the University of Florida without knowing what career path she wanted to pursue. But when she looks back at her life, she now admits that it probably should’ve been clear to her.

“I have always devoted my free time to customer service, whether through volunteering throughout high school or serving as a student assistant throughout college,” Shamir said. “Many of the activities and organizations that I have found to be the most fulfilling incorporate some aspect of sales.”

Shamir graduates from the Warrington College of Business this semester with a Master of International Business degree to pair with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in economics. She will begin her career as a Sales and Business Development Consultant at Oracle in its Austin, Texas office.

Originally from Sunrise, Fla., Shamir fell in love with sales at Warrington. As she explored different potential career paths, she knew sales was the route for her after enrolling in Dr. Steve Tufts’ Professional Selling course.

“Dr. Tufts helped open my eyes to the vast amount of opportunities that the sales industry brings, which ultimately led me to accept a sales internship with Kellogg’s last summer,” Shamir said. “As I now serve as a teaching assistant for Professional Selling, I find more and more appreciation for the art of selling each day.”

Shamir has also been able to benefit from Warrington’s combination degree program, which saves undergraduate students time and money while pursuing a master’s degree. Enrolling in the Master of International Business program gave Shamir a deep dive into global business, but it also provided her with an education that was special to her background.

“My combination degree program has given me the opportunity to combine my interest in business with my passion for my heritage,” Shamir said. “As a child of two immigrants, I have always wondered what kind of degree would be most useful for any way that my life could go. Being a citizen of two countries, it was important for me to know that my degree would be applicable in any culture and environment.

“My International Business degree has saved me time and money, all while teaching me how to do business around the world. I’m pretty proud to be a double Gator at age 22 as a first-generation college student!”

Shamir finishes her time at Warrington and heads to Oracle as a confident leader. Her time at Warrington helped sharpen her leadership skills and given her the confidence to build a career in the sales industry.

“Warrington has taught me discipline more than anything,” Shamir said. “I have always been very involved in the different extracurricular organizations, career and leadership programs, and on-campus jobs around the college. Although every individual aspect has taught me different lessons, the overall theme of leadership and development has shaped me into a confident and wise leader. I feel confident going into my professional career knowing that I have had an abundance of diverse experiences that have prepared me for success after graduation.”