Rachael Kramer hitting a volleyball during a UF Volleyball match

Student Spotlight: Rachael Kramer

In 2016, Rachael Kramer (BSBA ’19, MIB ’20) started her first year at the University of Florida Heavener School of Business and as one of the newest members of the UF Volleyball team. Just a few years later, she completed her undergraduate degree in marketing and played in all 33 UF Volleyball matches in her junior year. She’s now working to complete her Master of International Business while continuing as a middle blocker for the Gator Volleyball team.

We spoke with Kramer about why she wanted to continue her education in business, how she’s able to balance her school and athletic obligations and advice she has to other busy students considering the Master of International Business program.

Rachael Kramer

Q: Why did you decide to enroll in the Master of International Business program?

Kramer: “I decided to enroll in the MIB program because the International Business class that I took as an undergraduate student was my favorite. I was interested in learning more about business on the global stage. I also loved that the program was only a year so I can complete my degree in a shorter amount of time.”

Q: What are your career goals and aspirations?

Kramer: “My career goals are always changing and evolving, but right now I want to work as a marketing manager for an international business. I specifically want to work with social media marketing because I feel like this is where most of marketing is shifting to. I hope that my master’s degree in international business will set me apart from my other marketing competition. My undergraduate degree is in marketing, but I love the combination of marketing on the global stage.”

Q: How has the Master of International Business program been beneficial to you so far?

Kramer: “The MIB program has been beneficial because I have been able to expand my knowledge of the world. I am also in a public speaking class right now and it has improved my social communication skills so I feel more confident talking to people that I just met.”

Q: How do you balance your time as a member of the UF Volleyball team with the Master of International Business program?

Kramer: “The MIB program has actually been a lot easier to balance than my undergraduate classes were with volleyball. I am able to take classes in the morning so I can practice in the afternoon. My evenings are free to study and get all of my homework done. My professors have all been extremely accommodating to my travel schedule and they have all been very supportive of my team’s success. It’s easy to do well in the classroom when your professors support your out-of-class activities.”

Q: What’s been your favorite part of the MIB program so far?

Kramer: “My favorite part of the MIB program has been my classmates. Since the program is fairly small I have gotten to know quite a few people and it is fun to be around such successful classmates.”

Q: Any advice for students considering the MIB program?

Kramer: “My advice for students considering the MIB program would be to apply and do it. No matter what your schedule might look like outside of school, you will be able to balance school and life activities. You will be successful, and you will come away with another impressive degree.”

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