The strength of the Heavener experience

Finding a job after graduation is an integral part of any student’s time at the Warrington College of Business. For Brooke Bennett (BSBA ’21) and her classmates who graduate from the Heavener School of Business this weekend, they were forced to deal with the added challenge of a job search during a pandemic.

With the help of the Business Career Services office, the search led her to Heavener Career Week during the fall and spring semesters of her senior year. That’s where she learned about Ad Victoriam Solutions, where she accepted a role in the company’s Elevate Analyst program in Atlanta, Ga. Bennett was able to meet with CAP Mentors and her career coach at Heavener to prepare for interviews and plan for negotiations with the company. The result was a job that aligned perfectly with what she wanted.

“In this role, I will spend my first year as an Elevate Analyst in the training program which is focused on building my skillset in Salesforce, gaining certifications and acquiring soft skills related to consulting,” Bennett said. “Upon the completion of this program, I will be on track to advance to a consulting role.”

While spending time as a teaching assistant for international business and serving as the president of her community service sorority Delta Nu Zeta, Bennett grew from her experience as a student at Heavener. Her time with Business Career Services also helped her develop into a confident professional.

“One of the most valuable things I learned in Heavener is how to explain and quantify my experiences on my resume and within interviews,” Bennett said. “I know this has helped me tremendously in my career already and will continue to prove useful in the future. I also gained an Excel certification in my coursework, which is useful in any career.”

The internship experience played an integral role in Bennett’s development. Her advice for younger students is to prioritize an internship, but don’t put too much pressure on highlighting it in interviews.

“Utilize HireWarrington and start looking for internships early! However, just because you don’t have a fancy internship doesn’t mean you won’t be an attractive job candidate. Being able to explain your experience is key- most of my interviewers were more interested in my leadership role at Chick-fil-A than my internship at Citibank! At the end of the day, it’s all about how you present yourself and the skills you’ve demonstrated.”