Full-Time MBA student Kristyn Cadwell and Alberta the Alligator pose for a photo at a UF MBA event.

Your top 5 Full-Time MBA questions answered, with student Kristyn Cadwell

We recently asked UF MBA student Kristyn Cadwell (BAE ’15, MEd ’16, MBA ’21) to walk us through a day in her life as a member of the Full-Time MBA program. As part of Kristyn’s day, she answered questions from you on Instagram Stories about some of her favorite things about the program, what she does outside of class and why she chose UF MBA. Read on to see Kristyn’s answers to your top questions.

Question 1: Who’s your favorite UF MBA professor and why?

Kristyn: “I’ve had a lot of great professors in the MBA program, but one of my favorites is Dr. [Paul] Madsen. He taught our financial accounting course, and he actually taught us how to do accounting using the board game of Monopoly, which was cool.”

Question 2: What other campus events do MBA students participate in?

Kristyn: “Right now we’re having lots of virtual happy hours and game nights. But before COVID, we did a lot of things in person. So, socials, both on and off campus, and lots of tailgating before the Gator games.”

Question 3: What are your top 3 favorite classes?

Kristyn: “Some of my favorite classes I’ve taken are Customer Relationship Management with Dr. [David Alan] Cooke. We learned a lot about managing customers. Quantitative Analysis, where we learned how to run regressions in Excel and Pricing because I’ve actually used a lot of the content in my interviews.”

Question 4: Best advice on how to get accepted to the Full-Time program?

Kristyn: “My best advice for getting into the Full-Time MBA program is knowing how to tell your story. Know why you want to be a UF MBA, what your goals are after graduation and how this program can help you get there.”

Question 5: Editor’s Choice: Why did you choose UF MBA?

Kristyn: “I’m actually going to be a triple-Gator when I graduate from the MBA program, so I’m pretty loyal to UF. But I think the best thing about our MBA program is the people. Everyone is so bright and kind, and it’s just a great place to be.”

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If you have other questions related to the UF MBA Full-Time experience, be sure to request information about the program and one of our admissions officers will be in touch.