November 2020 Wire Articles: page 1

Roberto Yulee

Business Analytics Experiential Learning course boosts MS-ISOM student’s skills and experience

Like many students across the University of Florida and nation, my summer internship was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was tough to swallow, I knew there were still opportunities for me to grow my experiences. For me,

Corporate Partnerships: AB InBev and Warrington

When Anheuser-Busch InBev makes its rounds to recruit elite universities for talent, the University of Florida Warrington College of Business has become an important stop. AB InBev’s stop at Warrington often comes through a career fair, information session or a

Albert Gator wearing a yellow shirt and orange and blue tie speaking into a microphone and wearing headphones while recording a podcast. Century Tower is in a window behind him.

12 business podcasts you should listen to, according to the Warrington community

Faculty, staff and alumni from the Warrington College of Business shared their recommendations for podcasts you should be sure to check out. See their selections and what you’ll get out of listening to each in the list below. StartUp From

Rick Scarola holds his 2016 Bergstrom Center Alumnus of the Year award

Taking the real estate industry by storm

If Florida State University had an engineering school at the time Frederic “Rick” Scarola was a student there, his story could have ended up very different. Luckily for the West Palm Beach-native, FSU’s engineering school wouldn’t open until the year

Young Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Furse

Caroline Furse (MBA ’12) had spent her entire working adult life in the Navy. But when she thought about the best way to transition into a career in the civilian sector, she started to look for MBA programs that could

Six Black students in a Zoom meeting.

New organization Black Students in Business provides professional development opportunities and community engagement

In June, the Black Lives Matter movement reached a boiling point that took an emotional toll on myself, my Black friends and family, and the country as a whole. As we watched these events unfold, JJ Oni (BSAc ’19, MAcc

Jason Altmire

Doctor of Business Administration degree central to former Congressman Jason Altmire’s next chapter

Jason Altmire (DBA ’20) has spent his career between two of his passions – business and politics. His early work as a legislative assistant on Capitol Hill and later position as a hospital executive in his home state of Pennsylvania

Applied Research Initiative Bergstrom Real Estate Center

Initial Impact of COVID-19 on Florida Commercial Real Estate Operations

This is a chart analysis using the same data from the previous COVID-19 paper1 to focus specifically on the state of Florida and further focus on selected metropolitan areas. We should expect that as the samples get smaller, the results