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12 business podcasts you should listen to, according to the Warrington community

Faculty, staff and alumni from the Warrington College of Business shared their recommendations for podcasts you should be sure to check out. See their selections and what you’ll get out of listening to each in the list below.

Gimlet Media StartUp podcast StartUp

From Gimlet Media

“I recommend an excellent podcast for business folks: Startup. They should start from day 1 and listen on. It goes through a life of many startups while the podcast itself is a startup of its founder who left his job to start this podcast. There are so many lessons about business transactions from founders’ conflicts to cash flow issues.”

– Dr. Kutsal Dogan, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management


Bloomberg Opinion Masters in Business Masters in Business

From Bloomberg

“[Students and alumni will learn] all things business and finance. Each guest also gives tips for recent college graduates on how to get into the industry.”

– Keith Mackiewicz, BS ’11, MBA ‘19


NPR How I Built This with Guy Raz How I Built This

From NPR

“For anyone thinking about starting a business, or for students at the start of their entrepreneurial journey, Guy Raz brings on guests and speakers that talk to the heart and soul of the entrepreneur. Their stories and lessons are not just entertaining but highly educational, and as someone who launched a new start up in 2019, reaffirming and reassuring that the ups and downs are what we go through!”

– Robyn Crawford, Office Manager, Management Communication Center

“You’ve likely heard this podcast as a program on NPR. Guy Raz, the journalist who hosts the podcast, is one of the most popular podcasters out there with multiple popular NPR programs to his credit. In ‘How I Built This,’ he reveals the back story to well-known companies in ‘a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built.’ The podcasts are both informative and fun, featuring interviews with business leaders who have started a variety of companies, ranging from Spanx to the Khan Academy. The podcast’s success has led to the ‘How I Built This’ book, as well as an annual ‘Summit’ featuring influential speakers and workshops. Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, the stories are educational and entertaining.”

– Dr. Fiona Barnes, Director, Management Communication Center

Recommended by Robyn Crawford, Fiona Barnes and Jamie Kraft, Director, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center.


On Purpose with Jay Shetty On Purpose

From Jay Shetty

“[Students and alumni will gain] business insights as well as a guide to self-care in uncertain times.”

– Jared Rizzo, MBA ‘17


Secrets of Wealthy Women Wall Street Journal Secrets of Wealthy Women

From The Wall Street Journal

“Once a week I enjoy catching up with this podcast on the way to work. Empowering discussions for women in business covering many topics inclusive of managing your money to managing your career. Enjoy!”

– Michelle Bloom-Lugo, Director, Undergraduate Business Career Services


Freakonomics Radio Freakonomics Radio – Episode 42: The Upside of Quitting

From Stephen Dubner

“When I teach withdrawal and turnover in my staffing class, it is apparent that many students attach a negative stigma to quitting a job. They ascribe to the general notion that quitting or giving up is a sign of weakness. This podcast questions that belief and instead posits when and why quitting might be a wise decision. It forces the listener to consider what opportunities they are sacrificing to continue working in their current job. Usually, that calculus is reversed.”

– Dr. Brian Swider, Associate Professor, Department of Management


Spectacular Failures Spectacular Failures

From Lauren Ober

“Many business stories discuss success and growth, however learning about leaders who make mistakes will allow students to identify pitfalls and challenges in certain industries and Leadership styles.”

– Michael Herman, MBA ‘22


The Science of Success The Science of Success

From Matt Bodnar

“Conversations with researchers and authors about scientifically based studies of habits, behaviors, thinking and actions that lead to success in various areas of life. This is not a collection of opinions or stories but rather factually based evidence of things that lead to better performance.”

– Dr. Steve Tufts, Clinical Professor, Department of Marketing



The Blank Podcast with Jonathan Kahn The Blank Podcast – Episode 2: Motivation

From Jonathan Kahn

“Students will learn how to find the motivation to persevere.”

– Jacqueline Kahn, BSBA ’20, MIB ‘20


CEO School CEO School

From Suneera Madhani and Shannan Monson

“The two show hosts – one of which is Suneera Madhani, Warrington alum and CEO/Founder of Fattmerchant – share practical advice, tips and motivation for business, life and parenting.”

– Christine Plumley, Assistant Director of Admissions, UF MBA



From Collin Austin and Michael Dees

– Jamie Kraft, Director, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center


We Are Warrington We Are Warrington

From the Warrington College of Business

“We’re proud to announce a new podcast from the Warrington College of Business that helps young business leaders discover what is possible by highlighting stories from the Warrington community about the University of Florida experience, business industry insights, innovative research and more. Hosted by Andy Lord, We Are Warrington premieres October 26 and will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and right here in the Warrington Newsroom. Look out for more information by following @UFWarrington on social media. Click on the image to hear a teaser of the podcast.”

– Warrington Marketing and Communication Services