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It’s no secret that Warrington faculty are internationally renowned for their innovative research. The media looks to our scholars for insights and impactful news. See below where our faculty are featured in the news.

Gabriel Pundrich

In mergers and acquisitions, it takes more than low interest rates and a healthy stock market to get a deal done. New research from Assistant Professor Gabriel Pundrich pinpoints three unapparent behaviors.

3 hidden forces driving the M&A market

MIT Sloan | Ideas Made to Matter
Jay Ritter

Investors fear an eventual wave of delistings of Chinese companies from US exchanges if the global crackdown continues. “It’s not only possible, it’s likely,” said Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter, adding that delistings could occur en masse “within a matter of months.”

Chinese ‘crackdown’ on tech IPOs could lead to US share delistings, experts warn

The Guardian
Jay Ritter

Warby Parker and other tech companies show direct listings are here to stay as such stocks have been a solid bet. “It reflects the fact that the group that’s chosen to do direct listings is a really high-quality group of companies,” said Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter.

Direct Listings Have Paid Off for Investors So Far

The Wall Street Journal
Ted Kury

Public Utility Research Center Director of Energy Studies Ted Kury is speaking on a panel on September 9 about academic innovations at the 3rd Annual Advanced Energy Technology Forum hosted by the U.S. Energy Association.

Ted Kury to speak at US Energy Association technology forum

US Energy Association
Jay Ritter

So far this year, a dozen travel companies went public or made plans to do so. A couple of them may shine. But the odds are stacked against this year’s IPOs, on average, over the long term. Find out why with insights from Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter.

Why 2021 is the year of the travel IPO

Min-Hsuan Tu, Elisabeth Gilbert, and Joyce Bono.

Beautiful people are more likely to get hired, receive better performance evaluations and get paid more—but it’s not just because of their good looks, according to new research from Min-Hsuan Tu (Ph.D. ’19), Elisabeth Gilbert (Ph.D. ’19) and W.A. McGriff, III Professor Joyce Bono.

Attractiveness pays off at work—but there’s a trick to level the playing field

University at Buffalo News
Mark Jamison

A Senate bill introduced Wednesday to ban app store operators from requiring third-party app providers to use their stores will damage the app economy and consumers, according to an op-ed by Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Mark Jamison.

Broadband Roundup: Op-Ed Chastises App Bill

Broadband Breakfast
Jay Ritter

Former U.S. oil investment bankers, portfolio managers and executives have formed over 20 listed blank-check companies to take renewable energy companies public, with more listings expected. Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter explains why he expects to see more energy-related SPAC mergers in the future.

U.S. investors lean on blank-check firms in search for energy transition targets

Jay Ritter

Cordell Eminent Scholar Jay Ritter comments on Freedom Holding’s ability to access IPOs, which its founder Timur Turlov sells as its specialty.


Mystery hedge fund bolsters 500% return on curious Nasdaq stock

Mark Jamison

Public Utility Research Center Director and Gunter Professor Mark Jamison discusses how the pandemic has impacted the future of telecommunication regulation across the world.

The future of telecom regulation in the wake of the pandemic

CANTO Conference