The Business Career Services Team poses for a photo in front of the Gator Ubiquity Statue

Transforming career services in the Warrington College of Business

Career and professional development is an integral part of the student experience at any top-ranked business school in the country. Here at the Warrington College of Business, it is no different.

To better serve our students, the Graduate Business Career Services office is being reinvented. Business Career Services, as it will now be called, opens the new chapter of this journey in the fall of 2017, aiming to reshape career and professional development for our students.

Warrington has decided to make a significant investment into the overall career services experience for our students within the College. This new office was created to become a one-stop shop for both our students and employers in providing career and professional development programs, resources, and recruiting opportunities to all our stakeholders.

A career development curriculum has been developed to enable our undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students. It will provide a strong understanding of what specific career activities and skills they need to accomplish during their time within the College and ensure they are on track to accomplish their goal of obtaining an internship and full-time job. A College-wide career services portal called CareerConnection will allow our business students to apply for jobs and internships specifically targeting their academic major/career focus.

With over 80+ years of combined work experience in the private sector representing such companies as McKinsey Consulting, Korn/Ferry International, Bank of America, Exxon Mobil, Disney, and other Fortune 500 companies, the Business Career Services team is poised to make a significant impact on the career and professional development journey of our students.

From the employer perspective, our office will continue to work with company recruiters to create and implement a recruiting experience that provides them with an increased return on their investment of time and effort in recruiting on campus. Recognizing a national demand by campus recruiters to have a more specialized and tailor-made approach to campus recruiting, Business Career Services is equipped to create a personalized campus recruiting experience for our employers that meets their talent acquisition goals.

Overall, the goal of business career services is simple. We will increase the career readiness of Warrington students and increase our employment placement statistics into full-time jobs and internships year-over-year.



Craig W. Petrus

Executive Director, Business Career Services